Yes, It’s Really Us

Hey, CFNH Folks! It's Coach SqWatts here, just putting up a quick post to reassure you that this is really us and not some major new hack of the site.

As you know, the people who previously hosted our website were prone to getting attacked, which meant that our site would then dish out malware to unsuspecting visitors. Hence, this new, plain vanilla looking site. We have a pretty site in the works, but it'll take a little time, but in the meantime, we wanted to make sure that no one else would get infected while we wait. This site is on a new server run by new people using more secure software.

So, pardon the weirdness you'll be seeing in the upcoming weeks as we try to get the basic info all stuck onto the site for the people who have no idea who we are. I'll post the WODs here as daily posts and there may or may not be the usual blog posting while everything gets sorted out. I'll be initially spending a lot of the “writing blog posts” time as “getting stuff together” time.

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