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March DAClete of the Month – Amanda Cady

Amanda earned her spot as a March DAClete of the month for coming in and crushing her workouts. She’s a long-time member of CrossFit New Haven and our District Athletic Club Personal Training programs. Whether she is completing the daily work out, working one on one with a trainer, or doing some of her own […]

March DAClete of the Month – Katherine Klaus

Katherine is a member of our 5am faithful crew. She shows up consistently every single day for CrossFit, regardless of the WOD or her work schedule. Katherine has been sharing her CrossFit love with friends and bringing them into the DAC family. Her coaches have noticed major strides in her workouts thanks to her coachability […]

Should I be Strength Training?

Overview Strength training is an extremely important routine that should be part of everyone’s fitness plans.  It is a concept that revolves around lifting weights or using your body’s weight to achieve goals of muscle hypertrophy, endurance, and efficient force production. Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by strength training and believe it is an athlete-exclusive […]

What is the difference between exercise and training? Does it matter?

For most people, the terms exercise and training are indistinguishable; both mean getting your body moving to achieve a certain goal. However, that’s far away from accurate. Exercise and training are two totally different entities with different plans of execution, goals, and timelines. In this article, we will discuss the major concepts of each modality, […]

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