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5 Reasons You’re Not Recovering Post-Workout

Alright, it’s over. You did it! You just finished your workout for the day. Great job…Now what? Well, you’re supposed to start your recovery. You know, so you can be fully rested and ready to go for the next workout…? Let’s start over. Working out is important. Fact. But your workout isn’t over once you […]

The Best Gym Motivation

When it comes to getting back into the gym we often have a lot of inner dialogue leading up to the big day, and it almost always looks and sounds like this: “Today is the day! Today I WILL be motivated. Today I will get after it…Whatever it is…No, fuck that, today I will go […]

Summer 2019 Programming!

At CrossFit New Haven we typically program in cycles over the course of multiple months. The past 3.5 months had a tilt towards strength, primarily building towards the three main lifts – deadlift, squat, and strict press., now that the CrossFit Total is over we will be entering a new programming cycle.  We like to […]

Athlete of the Month – Matt Leonhard

“Check your ego at the door. Don’t feel you have to always do the rx weights or movements.”

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