W.O.D. Nov 26, 2014

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No 7:30pm Class or Yoga tonight!
100,000 Meter Row Challenge 11/27-12/24. Open Rowing Fri 11/28 9AM - 1PM. Get some meters in.
Thanksgiving Week schedule:
The First Snow Day!
Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and the website for updates on today's class schedule and how the snow might impact it.
Today's Blog
Cooking in the kitchen... with Thanksgiving Leftovers! http://crossfitnewhaven.com/blog/in-the-kitchen28
Coaches Warm Up & Dynamic Movement Prep
Shoulder Warm up & Flexibility
-- Partner shoulder stretch on the ground (one person pushes knees into the other's back while pulling arms back)
-- Same as above on pull up bar
-- Arm circles w/ thumbs up and then with thumbs down
-- DB Exts
-- Banded OHS
-- Plank walk outs and shoulder taps
-- Scap retractions and kip swings

After the above, 2:00 on rower or 500m, whichever comes first.
Strength / Skill Work
All: Push Press (3 x 5 rest 1:30)
Try to get to, or build beyond, the weight used on 11/4/14. This is for Fitness & Performance
Metcon (No Measure)
Skill Review:
Power Snatch 5-10 minute review and practice before starting the WOD

--Don't bend your arms until you've reached full extension
--Drop under the bar, don't press it out
--Stand all the way up and bring your feet back under your hips before returning the barbell to the floor
WOD: Metcon (Time)
This workout both starts and ends with a 500m Row. In between, complete the following:

5 Rounds for Time
10 DB Snatch (5/arm)
7 Banded Pull ups or SVPUs
9 Push Ups (scaled appropriately)

5 Power Snatches 115/85
7 Pull Ups
9 Push Ups