Class WOD 1/28
Back to a normal schedule today!
Today's Blog
If you enjoyed yesterday's at-home WOD, here's a list of a bunch more:
Coaches Warm Up & Dynamic Movement Prep
Hips & Quad mobility
T-spine rotations

2-3min on Rower or AB, then 2 Rounds
ARE Squats 5/5/5
TGU 3/2/1
Hollow Rocks x 10
Double Unders x 20
Strength / Skill Work
A.1: Back Squat (All: 4 x 5 @ 50X1 building, rest 1:00)
:05 Descent, explode up once reaching the bottom
A.2: Plank Holds (All: 3 x :90, rest 1:00)
Accumulating :90. If you can hold for :90 in full plank, switch to forearms which is more difficult.
WOD: Metcon (Time)
4 Rounds for Time
20m OH Walking Lunge Step - weighted
20 KBS - must be unbroken
60 Jump Rope Singles

20m OH Walking Lunge Step 45/25
20 KBS 53/35 (must be unbroken)
20 Double Unders