01/18/17 - Chipper Thursday
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Pre-WOD Mobility, Warm Up & Dynamic Movement
Pre-WOD Mobility
-- Mix of dynamic stretching & movement targeting the joints, levers and major muscle groups used in today's class.

Coaches' Warm Up & Dynamic Movement
-- To increase your heart rate and core body temperature
-- Specific movements to target the movement functions performed throughout today's class

All of the above will vary from coach-to-coach, and for each day.
If class size exceeds 11, half of you will start from the top and go down, the other from the bottom and go up.
WOD: Metcon (Time)
*Fitness & [Performance]*
For Time - 25:00 Cap
2k Row (10:00 Cap)
50 Squat Thrusts / [Burpees]
50 Deadlifts [185/135]
50 Total Wood Choppers [30/20]
50 Total DB Snatches [30/20]

If unable to row = 120/100 Cal AB

225/155 DL
50/40 Snatch & Wood choppers