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Class WOD 11/16/18
Strength / Accessory Work
A.1: Back Squat (18 min to build to 10RM)
Today you 18 min to establish a 10 Rep Max.
A.2: Trap 3 Raise (4 x 8)
During downtime you have a trap 3 raises for our accessory work.

This will be performed with both arms at the same time.
Metcon (Time)
For time: 9 min Cap
Back squat
Squat Thrust* over the bar

For time: 9 min Cap
Back squat (95/65)
Burpees over the bar
Today's Metcon is a very fast pace Couplet. We have a very similar workout in this years open with some time as fast as 7 min. Today's goal is to go just as fast.


Back Squats
Not only should this be unbroken, this should be a load that you can move quickly. Scale load accordingly. These will come from the ground. If unable to get into a back rack you can scale to a front squat.

Burpee/Squat Thrust over the bar
Find a progression that is going to allow you to move quickly and safely. You can scale to Burpee/Squat thrust in place as well.