The New Haven Open Weightlifting Meet is Sunday 4/30 from 7:00am - 6:00pm. There is no Sunday 9:00am class. Free admission to the Weightlifting meet!
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Pre-WOD Mobility, Warm Up & Dynamic Movement
Pre-WOD Mobility
-- Mix of dynamic stretching & movement targeting the joints, levers and major muscle groups used in today's class.

Coaches' Warm Up & Dynamic Movement
-- To increase your heart rate and core body temperature
-- Specific movements to target the movement functions performed throughout today's class

All of the above will vary from coach-to-coach, and for each day.
WOD: Metcon (Time)
*Fitness & [Performance]*
For Time - 25:00 Cap

Ascending Ladder
Then Descending Ladder
10---> 1
Wall Balls [20/14]
KBS [53/35]
Squat Thrusts / [Burpees]

400m Run in between sets of 10

No RX+ - just go faster.