Group Classes & Programming

CrossFit New Haven's primary offering is group fitness classes comprised of strength training, gymnastics, endurance training, plyometrics, olympic weightlifting, a mix of high-intensity interval training, and everything in between. You'll never do the same workout or movements two says in a row. Our group classes are always lead by a well-qualified CrossFit Trainer and/or Sports Performance Coach. While each workout is different, each day follows a similar format: warm up, movement & skill review, strength & skill work, and a WOD (workout of the day).

To learn more about how the group class programming is set up, visit the Programming section of our blog. 

Personal Programming

Personal programming is now being offered to all CFNH athletes by a certified CFNH coach. The personal programming program is set up to help individuals reach their desired health and fitness goals. Each program is based of the individual’s ability level and begins with an assessment of the athlete’s health and performance. Your coach then prescribes you a program designed around the results of your assessment. You will receive your personal workout program every two weeks with re-testing monthly. You will keep a journal and check in with your coach every two weeks. With this program you are allowed to come into the gym during “open” hours and work out. You do not have to come in during class time, but you may come in during class time if you wish.

This program is only open to members who are enrolled in our "Unlimited membership" program. The fee for the personal programming is $125 per month.

This program is for athletes who are ready to take their health and training to the next level. It is a commitment to a lifestyle of change…for the better!

The personal programming package is also available to those athletes who need sport specific training. Whether you are training for a marathon, triathlon or other sport, the personal program can help you train smart while getting faster and stronger, helping you achieve your performance goals. This type of programming will include endurance and/or sport specific workouts in addition to you crossfit workouts.

Please contact Carla O'Brien for more information on this program.

Nutritional Programming

Your success in CrossFit is highly dependent on your nutrition.  It is the building blocks for which all human performance is based.  We set you up with the information you need based on some basic information collected and get you going on your path to a healthy lifestyle.  Trainers check in with you and your progress weekly.  At CrossFit New Haven, we offer a keen approach to the Paleo and Zone based nutrition programs. 

Please contact Carla O'Brien for details and pricing if you are interested in a personalized nutrition program. 

Endurance Programming

Training for that 5K, 10K, Marathon or Tough Mudder?  Give us three months and we’ll get you moving from the couch or beat your last pr.  Many of our trainers specialize in endurance based sports and have completed short and long distances races.   Our specialties including running, rowing, tri-athalons or obstacle events.  We are a tight community of race ready athletes.   Your endurance training is included with unlimited membership.  Please contact Carla O'Brien for details and pricing if you are interested in the Endurance Classes, Personal Training or Programming

Corporate, Team or Group Programming

If you have a larger group (10 or more persons) who would like to work out together as a group at CrossFit New Haven, we would be happy to accommodate you.  This would apply to organizations or corporate employers that are interested in forming a class specialized to their group or employer programming needs. Please contact Gym Manager and Head trainer, Aaron Poach for detail and pricing if you are interested in establishing a program for your organization.

Team Strength & Conditioning Programs

CrossFit New Haven Instructors are available to work with your sports team. We'll help them get ready for the seaon, stay conditioned during it, or help make them more agile, powerful, stronger and faster for the next one. Not only will be conditioned, trained, and progress under the direction of our professional Coaching staff, they'll also have a great time. Here's an example of the type of workout and team building your team could see. 

If you're interested in team training, please contact Gym Manager and Head trainer, Aaron Poach for more details.