1 on 1 training

Personal On-Ramp Training $199 + tax

The program is done one-on-one with a Coach set up at times that fit your schedule. The cost of the program is $199+tax and also includes two weeks of Unlimited Membership after completing your five sessions.

On Ramp format is required for your safety, enjoyment and ultimately long-term success. We look forward to seeing you! You can sign up for a Personal On Ramp session here.

Were you CrossFitting Elsewhere?

For those of you who have been doing CrossFit at a home gym, globo-gym, park or elsewhere and want to come into the real deal; you might be able to graduate to group sessions or maybe just a few personal training sessions. If you come in low key, correct and respectful and have sound technique we’ll see what you’ve got to work with in your trial class.  For most people who have been doing CrossFit from the main site online, the biggest hurdle is handling the intensity of our gym and the group atmosphere. It doesn’t take long to adjust, but the first workout or three seems to be a bit of a shocker. Come down for a trial class; we love you self starters!