Unlimited Sessions

$160 / month Plus Taxes

Unlimited membership includes all WOD, Endurance, Mobility, Barbell Club and OLY classes.

3 Days Per Week

$120 / month Plus Taxes

3 Days per week is for (3) WOD classes between Sun-Mon.  

If you commit to the 3 class/week for 3 months, the discounted 3 class/week membership rate is $110/mth. After 3 months, your membership will remain the same $110/mth rate.  You may also upgrade to our Unlimited membership at any time.

Single Class

$20 per session Plus Taxes

Single Classes are available for those who travel for work, or for Cross Fitters who may visit our area on occasion.  You must have gone through On-Ramp foundational sessions at your home CrossFit first.

Membership Rates

When you have successfully completed the On Ramp class or Personal Training sessions you will be allowed to participate in our group classes. Each day, every scheduled class completes the same W.O.D. (work out of the day) so you will have plenty of options for classes that work around your schedule.

CrossFit is the best fitness program around, and the community at CrossFit New Haven will have you feeling right at home. The best programming of CrossFit involves 4-6 days a week of training, this allows the most variance for your training.


With the auto payment schedule your credit card/debit card/bank account will be on file using our system. With this system your monthly dues will automatically come out of your account each month on your scheduled day. This is NOT a contract, and you can suspend this with proper written notice– (5) days BEFORE your monthly dues date.

10% discount to students/spouse/kids of CFNH (grand)parents/veterans

20% discount to first responders & military