About CrossFit New Haven

Where It All Began

Picture it. The summer of 2008. Fed up with conventional gyms or  “Globo-Gyms” founders Eric O’Brien and Mark Dillion built their own box in Mark’s garage.

"When we discovered CrossFit, it was instantly a 'Eureka'.  We devoured the website.  We read the blogs.  We bought a few t-shirts from the main site to work out in.  We joined the CrossFit Journal and read it all.  We bought some bumper plates, ab mats, a few bars, kettle bells, jump boxes, jump ropes, sand bags, dynamax balls, rings, and of course a pull up bar.  And what fun we had that summer and wanted more".

So they joined an actual CrossFit gym. 

“Warm-ups”? “Dynamic Movements”? “Classes”?  This was all new to the 'garage gym guys' and was a true education. The CrossFit gym they joined and their trainers taught Eric and Mark technique, flexibility and strength training like they had not ever known.  In a short time, he had shown them what was missing in the garage—a CrossFit culture that a full-sized gym would create.

And CrossFit New Haven was born.

Mark and Eric rehabbed a section of New Haven’s historic Trolley Barn-turned Swimwear Outlet, located on State Street, and have since moved, again revitalizing a piece of New Haven. This time, the old CT Transit building at 470 James St, right across from the old location. This new space, which was less than 5 blocks from Mark’s garage opened in April of 2010.  In walked their old 'MarkFit' garage group.  They are just like you.  

This new box is a wonderful community of friends and neighbors, husbands and wives and their kids.  Even the occasional cat and dog hangs out.  The newly renovated warehouse atmosphere at CrossFit New Haven is nothing short of spectacular.  

"And we’re not just rehabbing the neighborhood. We plan to rehabilitate lives by welcoming women, children, seniors, the overweight and the out of shape".  

Anything is possible with a little sweat, perseverance, and passion!