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The On-Ramp

At CrossFit New Haven, new members go through an On-Ramp program before they go into the regular classes. This program lasts for twelve sessions, costs $175 plus tax and is held on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays at either 5:30 or 6:30PM depending on which session you sign up for.  We also offer a 6:30am session that meets on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

In On-Ramp, we cover all of the basic movements we perform in CrossFit and slowly introduce the high intensity of a CrossFit workout so folks aren't just blindly racing into a tough workout and getting hurt. Safety is our priority, so we keep the On-Ramp sessions limited to eight (8) people. We will also take attendance at each class.  If you miss more than 2 classes, we will require a 1 hour personal training session ($70.00) to make up for each hour of class time  that is missed; as the classes contain necessary information that we don't want you to miss. 

Once you complete your On-Ramp program, you will be able to sign up for either our 3 or 4 class per week, or our full unlimited memberships.  If you commit to 3 months, the discounted 3 class/week membership rate is $110/mth. After 3 months, your membership will remain the same $110/mth rate. If you decide not to do the 3 month commitment the 3x/wk membership rate is $120/mth. We also offer a 4x/week membership for $140/month. You can also upgrade to our unlimited membership at $160/month at any time which includes unlimited CrossFit classes, our Endurance and Olympic lifting classes, and our Yoga and Mobility classes as well. 

What is the On-Ramp?

  • Functional movements: Nine in total, including squats, presses and pulls. All done with or without weights.
  • Equipment (C2, dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, ropes, rings, walls, sleds).
  • Powerlifting
  • A few skill builders (burpees, wall balls, running, rowing, walking lunges, push-ups, pull-ups)
  • Nutrition (Forget the beach. You want to look good naked? You'll need this one too)
  • Olympic Lifts

The Next available on-ramp is February 2nd at 6:30AM or 5:30PM

Register for On-Ramp

Register for the On-Ramp

The best and easiest way to register for On Ramp is right here through our website. You will see the next available dates and times in the drop down menu called, "Choose On Ramp Time" within the sign up form. Please click here for availability and to register. After filling out the form and submitting your information, we will follow up by phone to collect your payment information.

Please also download our membership packet, print, and fill it out and bring the completed packet with you on the first day of classes. For more information, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).



Personal On Ramp

If the usual On-Ramp session schedule doesn’t work with your schedule, we also offer a Personal Training On-Ramp series. With PT On-Ramp, you’ll have five one-on-one sessions with a coach at whatever time your schedule allows. This usually covers about two weeks of time, with two one-hour sessions one week and three sessions in the next. Once you’re done with the five sessions, you then have the next two weeks to attend regular CrossFit classes to experience the full class experience and make sure CrossFit is right for you. PT On-Ramp costs $300 for 5 private training sessions and two weeks of regular classes.