Sean Cady

Sean's Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Sean

I was never into sports in high school or college. The most I ever did was road bike or mountain bike with friends. To be honest, I generally disliked playing sports except for badminton and soccer because they are awesome. I was a computer gamer. I could crush the newbs on my Counter Strike: Source server or grind on Diablo 2 all day. After college and a few years in the working world, I moved into an apartment with 3 of my fraternity brothers. One started doing CrossFit and got me into it. I figured I needed a bit of change in my life and CFNH looked interesting.

I started CrossFit on ramp at CFNH in June 2012. I didn’t really think CrossFit was as crazy as everyone made it out to be. Sure, I was sore the next day, but that's normal, right? I decided I liked CrossFit, but I was only there for a bit of fitness, not much more. It took a year before I started getting into it. I started doing Olympic lifting classes and enjoyed those. I found a few people I enjoyed working out with and who pushed me to be better. It was about a year and a half into it when I got hooked and really started striving to be better everyday. I felt like a direct part of the community and also was really happy with how CrossFit improved my life.

Fast forward another year, and I found myself looking for a house. I dropped pins on my map for places I need to be close to: work, family, and CrossFit New Haven. CFNH and its community had become a major part of my life. After things settled, I started the process of becoming a coach to help the CFNH community even more.

I enjoy helping athletes overcome something they thought was too difficult. I was in their shoes and I know I can help them with their goals. As I grow into my coaching role at CFNH, I’m sure I will find my specialty. But for now, I am working to get better everyday.