Mike Pozika

Mike's Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification
  • Retired NHFD after 20 Years

About Mike

I have been a lifelong athlete who has always enjoyed trying new things and being challenged. Besides playing various sports I spent most of my adult life working out in "Globo-Gyms". My focus shifted to endurance events over the last few years and I have been able to complete numerous road / trail races, Obstacle Course Events (OCRs), and CrossFit competitions. Among the highlights were completing a couple Dopey Challenges (5K, 10K, Half, Full Marathons consecutive mornings) at Walt Disney World, completing a few 50K trail races and two Spartan Beasts at Killington.

I retired from the New Haven Fire Department (NHFD) in December of 2014 after a twenty year career. I was a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) my entire career and also served as a Lieutenant for sixteen years.  I served on the unions Executive Board and sat on the Health and Safety Committee. I had become an ACE certified Peer Fitness Instructor as well.

Once I began crossfitting in 2013 I instantly noticed my endurance increase as well as my strength and I felt I was better prepared at my job as a firefighter. Later in that year I registered for my Level 1 Certification. All my instructors were tremendous to work with and top level athletes, they included Austin Malleolo, Spencer Hendel, Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet and Dave Lipson. This was the first step of my unsuspecting journey to becoming a coach.

In April of 2014 I had suffered two full thickness tears in my left shoulder and unfortunately required surgery. This was a rough period of time to say the least and I spent lots of time soul searching. For seven months I was in physical therapy (70 sessions) and dealt with a series of complications. During this period of time I made the decision I would be retiring from the fire department and transition into something I really wanted to do... coach at CFNH! I was going from a career of helping people in need to one that I was still helping people, just with achieving their goals.

I am a masters athlete and I have adapted to what my shoulder allows post surgery. I understand the importance of scaling and modifications during and post rehab and realize the frustrations of the athlete through my experience. I use the same programming as you the athlete and you will see me taking part as an athlete beside you in class.

CrossFit New Haven has been instrumental in my life since I began that January day in 2013. I have made so many strong friendships and have been privileged to be part of their lives inside and out of the box. As I have aged and had to overcome an injury I have still been able to increase strength while improving endurance. This has given me the opportunity to take part in some amazing events and find ways to push myself. As a coach, I hope I can be a part of giving that back to the athletes.

Fun Facts:
     I became an ambassador for INKnBURN athletic apparel in March 2016.
     I can't swim. What a scene at "Walk the Plank" Tough Mudder Mount Snow.
     I do hate running... I love the events and locations though!
     My CrossFit Math is no reflection of my actual math skills.  "How much is on the bar?"
     My favorite movement is the Close Grip Bench Press (CGBP).


Email Coach Mike at: mike@crossfitnewhaven.com