Jeff "Poot" Stevens

Jeff "Poot"'s Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate

About Jeff "Poot"

I started doing crossfit in 2012 after a year long extensive rehabilitation from a knee injury, which left me crippled and depressed. Feeling a lot of self-loathing I thought, "how can I punish myself?" Answer: CrossFit.

Having virtually zero experience in any kind of sport I found a haven in Crossfit New Haven (see what I did there?). I needed to find myself, see what I am made of, and push beyond my limits; but most importantly, i need to have  supportive coaches to teach me the very fundamentals of fitness and training. I was a blank slate, a very out-of-shape-and-overweight blank slate. It is this support that inspired me to become a coach. I realized the impact the four walls and giant two doors had on my life and I wanted to give back to the coaches and athletes that make this community so great.

Now I am just starting my journey as a coach; I don't have any specialty as of yet, with the exception of being a smiling friendly coach always willing to help. Every one of our members is a real inspiration to me, and I hope to help make ourselves our best selves.