Emily Finn

Emily's Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1 Certification

About Emily

I've never considered myself a "hardcore athlete": I played volleyball in high school, did some intramurals in college, and had a brief fling with rock climbing, but nothing really stuck. When I moved to New Haven for graduate school in 2012, a friend convinced me to join a local kettlebell gym. At first I was skeptical about throwing around a sinister-looking cannonball as a form of exercise, but I ended up loving it. Kettlebell was the first post-college exercise routine that I’d managed to stick with for more than a couple of weeks, and it introduced me to the awesomeness that is the combination of strength + group training. After that gym closed, I went through a long period of sitting around thinking “I really need to start working out again” while watching my hard-earned gainz slip away. I knew CrossFit was the logical next step, but I’ll admit I was pretty intimidated -- barbells and loud music and no AC, oh my! -- and it took a few months to get up the nerve to come to a trial class at CFNH.

I'm so glad I finally did. CrossFit, and CFNH in particular, have had such a positive impact on just about every aspect of my life. I have a stronger work ethic and more confidence inside and outside the gym. There is a singular sense of joy and accomplishment in pushing your body to its limits to find out what it's capable of, and now that I've experienced that I can't imagine my life without it. Not to mention, CFNH is home to some of the most supportive and inspiring people I've ever met. The intern process, through which I am learning to coach, has opened my eyes to a whole other side of this sport. I love helping others discover this same passion for fitness and self-betterment. My favorite moments thus far have been working with beginners, watching them go from quiet and tentative, to slowly but surely building confidence with the movements, to ultimately walking into the gym, high-fiving a friend and excited to crush that day's workout. It's amazing how quickly people can transform if the commitment is there.

Because of my background in kettlebell training, the kettlebell is one of my favorite pieces of equipment in the gym. Don't hesitate to reach out if you want help fine-tuning your KB swing, snatch, or Turkish get-up, or if you just want to learn more about how kettlebells can be used for building strength, power and stability. Additionally, I am always happy to talk about issues specifically related to women and strength training. Looking forward to seeing you around the gym!

"Don't worry about it. The goal is just to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out." -- Pat Sherwood