Aaron Poach

Aaron's Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certification
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Level 2 Coach

About Aaron

Hello and let me welcome you to CrossFit New Haven! I am the Gym Manager and Head Trainer here, which basically means I don't have a "job," but that i get to do something I truely love every day. My passion is working with people to help them better their lives in some way. I've always had a nurturing mentality, starting as co-captain of the middle school basketball team and captain of the baseball team, and continuing through college with many leadership positions in various organizations. I pride myself in being a leader and educator and use my skills to help our members make themselves better. Baseball was my primary sport growing up, but I played everything - you name it and i've probably played it or at least tried it. Sports, movement, and motion have always been a passion of mine and I love how CrossFit expresses each of those in different ways. I love to have fun, and to me working out with friends is a great time!

I started Coaching CrossFit in late 2012 through our Intern Program, and became an official CrossFit New Haven Coach and CrossFit Trainer in March of 2013 after 3 years of practicing CrossFit. A year later in 2014 I took over as the Gym Manager and soon after, received my CrossFit Level 2 Certificate and became the Head Trainer. Since then I've immersed myself into Strength & Conditioning and am currently working toward my CSCS certification. I have also received both my Level 1 and Level 2 USAW Sports Performance Coaching Certifications. I love programming for people and watching them progress toward their goals, whatever that may be. 

Specialties of mine include Olympic Weightlifting, personal programming, and personal training. You can find me programming for, and Coaching, both our CrossFit Class Workouts and the New Haven Weightlifting Club's pogram. I am happy to discuss personal programming, personal training, or talk about how you can get started here at CrossFit New Haven. Hope to see you out there!

Email Aaron: Aaron@crossfitnewhaven.com