Aaron Poach

Aaron's Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate
  • USA Weightlifting Sports Advanced Performance Level 2 Coach, CF Judges 2018, CF Scaling 2016
  • CPR/AED Certified

About Aaron

Joined: April 2010

Why did you want to become a CrossFit coach?

I love watching people succeed. When a person learns a new skill, overcomes an obstical, or reaches a goal it feels as if I've done that as well. The position is extremely fufilling and I get to work with people who are trying to make their lives better everyday. It's also a ton of fun, and if it's not fun then why do it?!

Favorite CrossFit Movement: Squats, Snatch, Clean & Jerk

Favorite part about being a coach at CrossFit New Haven:

Getting to work with people everyday and developing relationships to the point where their successes feel like my successes.

Available for:

Personal On Ramps, Personal Programming, CrossFit-specific Personal Training, 1:1 Olympic Weightlifting Coaching or Programming