Mike Haggerty

Mike's Credentials

  • CrossFit Level 1

About Mike

Athletics have been a part of my life ever since I could remember. It started with soccer, baseball, and basketball, then as I got older I added crew to the mix, and then eventually in college I played rugby for our school. One of my prouder moments as an athlete was being named captain of our rugby team and helping our team place 11th in the country for Division II after moving up from Division III just the year before. I loved the responsibility of being a captain. It not only pushed me to become a better athlete, but also I began to take on the role of a teacher (or coach) and setting a good example for the rest of my teammates became my biggest priority. And that became much more rewarding for me than making a good play on the field.

I started Crossfit for the same reason most people do – because the same old gym routine got old – yes, even bicep curls get old after a while (sort of). Joining CFNH has been the best decision I have made since moving to New Haven. The membership community, the workouts/programming, and the coaches at our gym are all exceptional on all levels. The last person to finish a workout never finishes without at least one person cheering them on. I decided to become a coach because I have always been driven to help other people achieve their goals. I do this in my professional career as a financial advisor and will do the same here at CFNH.

My promise as a coach is that no matter what your athletic ability or level of fitness is, if you have a goal, and are willing to put the work in – I am going to give you 100%; and most importantly, I will help YOU continue to give 100% each and every day - even when you feel like you just 'don’t have it', or you aren't seeing results as fast as you would like.