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Winter Throwdown!

in Events by Coach Amanda

Reminder: NO DOGS TIL WARMER WEATHER PLEASE! Garage doors must be open 

​February 8th is fast approaching!  This is the day we will all get together and get crazy during our 4th annual Mixed Doubles Winter Throwdown.  This is exactly what it sounds like. 

​- 3 WODs + Tie breaker if needed
​- Mixed Doubles (Male/Female) teams
- Rx and Scaled
- You will be judging each other as well

AGAIN, this is for FUN.  Find someone with a different lower half than yourself, (judges will be verifying, hehe) make up a team name, sign up and have a blast.  Get creative!  Team shirts, uniforms, or something that let’s everyone know you are part of a team.

This is a great way to get a feel for a competition without the pressure of strangers watching or movements you can’t complete

This will be an all day event.  Kick off around 9:00AM and go until whenever (usually 2:00PM).  Bring food for a Pot Luck, bring drinks for afterwards and lets have a fun time during the month where everyone is waiting for the spring to show up.

​***Volunteers needed for maintaining the rankings, getting WOD results in, and setting up between WODs.  We will all be helping with the set up and breakdown but the more the merrier.  So if you are hurt or recovering there is always something to do.  Contact if you would like to volunteer.


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