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Winter meltdown wods are POSTED.

in The Whiteboard by Coach Amanda

For all our fitness and performance athletes....WINTER MELTDOWN WODS ARE POSTED!!!

The winter meltdown will give all athletes a chance to compete and have fun without worrying about scaling, movements or weights that they may not be able to perform yet. 

The workouts are listed below:
Workout #1 - "High Voltage"
10 minute amrap
250m row
5 burpees
10 kb swings, 55/35# just breaking plane of shoulder

Workout #2 - "The Cycle from hell"
3 minute AD test for max calories

Workout #3 - "300"
15 minutes on the clock for max reps:
50 wall ball shots, 16/12# to 9 ft. target
50 sit ups (chest to knees)
50 db power snatch, 35/15# (25/arm)
50 box jumps, 20/15" (step ups are acceptable)
50 push ups to abmat
50 jumping pull ups

*the db for the power snatch only has to pass the knee - does not have to touch the ground.

Good luck to Maggie who is leaving New Haven and heading to sunny Georgia!

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