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Where Conventional Beauty Goes to Die

in The Whiteboard by Coach Carla

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Let's talk about beauty and CrossFit, or specifically how your perspective can get changed once CrossFit's got ahold of your brain. We'll start with the obvious: the human body itself. All of those horrid checkout lane magazines keep pushing the old idiotic standards of beauty. They try their best to send women hurtling off to anorexia and a life of skinny-fatness.

Those are not pull-up arms

Back in the pre-CrossFit days, a lot of women were striving to hit skeleton thin and a lot of guys were hounding after them. If all that you're presented with in the media are skeletons to lust after, it gets a little uncomfortable around Halloween time. But look around the gym - we're surrounded by constant beauty, both in the forms of shapely sweaty bodies and beautiful movement. No matter what you think you look like, there is at least one point in the hour when you're at the gym that you're absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it's when you're at the bottom of that squat. Flying through butterfly pull-ups. Doing wall angels. Lying on the ground in a pool of your own sweat, glowing, tired and happy. Chances are, there are a LOT of those points in the workout, and you don't even realize you're moving through them.

If it weren't enough that we have a gym full of beautiful people working out, there's the movements that they're performing as well. For example, let's talk about the snatch.

The snatch, when done properly, is one of the most beautiful movements in weightlifting, if not in sports in general (with women's beach volleyball being the exception, of course). Need proof? Just watch Natalie Burgener working on her snatch in this video.

Whoops - wrong video. Try this instead:

To make sure you see the full range of how beautiful a snatch can be, watch this super slo-mo video of Natalie Burgener's snatch:

Just think, this kind of beauty is happening in our box every frickin' day! The next time you're in the middle of a WOD, sucking wind, ignoring the coach who's yelling at you to keep moving, be sure and look around the gym and all the beautiful people doing beautiful things.

And then pick the bar back up and create some beauty of your own.

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