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When it’s time to change you’ve got to Rearrange!

in Endurance by Coach Carla

I've seen many many pick up requests on Face Book this month.  By that I mean, "Who wants to go to an endurance based race with someone"?  Jen P's hubby wants some CFNH friends to do the Spartan Race in Sept.  Samburg put out feelers for the Warrior Dash in Fenway Park.  A crew just did another Warrior last weekend from the gym (pictured all pretty and clean before:  Megan, Andrew, Angel, Anita, Dacia and ChrisAnn!)  It's time to get out there and put your endurance training times in.  This is the LAST WEEK of the Friday/Sunday Endurance schedule.    That is GOOD for you all who want to do your weekend "warrior" races.  I love hearing that groups are gathering to do a race (hint hint.....the Gladiator Gauntlet CFM is this Saturday 6/16 at 8:00AM).   I am getting ready for my annual appearance of my 10miler up in Rhody for July.  We all need to train for the running we put ourselves through.  

You can CrossFit, but you'll need your lungs too out there in the longer time domains.  You don't need to put the hours in on long slow distance road running.  You just need a little more anaerobic fun time with Coach D'Ags or myself.  Before you sign up for that next race, committ yourself to putting 2-3 endurance wods in a week.  You'll thank youself when you PR that NH Labor Day Road Race or that Fenway Frolic. 

Last Week for Fri/Sunday Endurance Classes.

Next Week we go to Tues 6:30AM/Thurs 6:30PM.


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