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What Is On Ramp at CrossFit New Haven

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Registration is now open for CrossFit New Haven’s Group On Ramp Program beginning on Monday, September 24th. The Group On Ramp program meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On those days you may choose to attend class at either 6:30am, or 6:30pm. The workout is the same but two class times allows for the flexibility to attend the class time that works best for you on that day. The classes are always 1-hour long and the program runs for three weeks, ending on Thursday, October 11th. After that, you’re welcome to attend as many classes as you’re able to through October 21st. After that, everyone who completes the On Ramp program is eligible for any of our Membership offerings that fit your schedule.

The On Ramp Program at CrossFit New Haven is the first step in becoming a member and participating in full CrossFit classes. All new members are required to go through our On Ramp Program. Below is an overview of what this it covers and why the On Ramp is the first step in being fit for life.


Mechanics ---> Consistency ---> Intensity


In this order specifically. CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, functional movement performed at a high intensity. Intensity is the single most important factor in getting the best results from this program. However, in order to reap the full benefits of intensity, it’s paramount that your movement patterns, i.e. your mechanics and technique, are solid. Our On Ramp program will teach you the proper mechanics in the essential movements performed in our classes. The On Ramp ensures that you’re consistently working on the physical and neurological adaptations necessary to achieve a high level of intensity.


Your Comfort Zone


We’re going to find the edge of it and help you push just past it. Important: we’re going to get you just outside your comfort zone. The goal of On Ramp is not to send you miles outside of your comfort zone!

If you live inside the blue circle then our goal is to get you to the edge of the green circle. It may not happen in one workout, but each class has the goal of expanding that blue circle to meet the green circle. Once it does is when we’ll help you find where the “new” green circle is by adjusting the intensity of your workout. What we never want is for you to reach the red circle, neither in On Ramp nor in our regular classes.


Functional Movement


In their most basic sense, functional movements are things we do every day: squat (aka sit down/stand up), pick things up off the ground (deadlift), put groceries away (press), pull ourselves up (pull ups/ring rows), and throw things, among others. If we perform these movements with the right tools, proper mechanics, practice them consistently, and do it with intensity then it will make day-to-day living an easier endeavor. The On Ramp, and our general class programming, are meant to prepare you for the demands of real life - whether you're a parent picking up your kid, a student carrying a backpack full of books, or if your job sometimes requires you to run into burning buildings or chase down criminals. Various types of squats, barbell movements, gymnastics, calisthenics, running, jumping, and everything in between are included in our regime. We prepare for everything so that we’re ready for anything.


Ready to give this CrossFit thing a shot?


 If you still have questions send us an email through our Contact Page.


Still not sure?


We get it, sometimes CrossFit can look scary or intimidating. Once you walk through the doors you’ll find it’s the complete opposite. So we encourage you to check out our Free Trial Class any Saturday morning at 8:00am. We’ll talk a little more about the On-Ramp program and then take you through what a class would be like. We always start with an overview of what we’ll be doing for that hour, then warm up, review, and practice some movements that will be in the workout. Once you’re consistently moving well with good mechanics you'll do an actual CrossFit workout.

CrossFit New Haven is located inside the District Athletic Club which houses five different fitness businesses. If you don't feel that CrossFit is the right fit for you we'd love to schedule a tour and show you what else the DAC has to offer. 



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