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Weightlifting For Beginners Program

in The Whiteboard by Coach Poach

Monday, April 30, 2018

The New Haven Weightlifting Club will be holding its first ever Olympic Weightlifting for Beginners class-specific program starting Monday, April 30th. This is open to anyone who participates in a CrossFit program and has some exposure to the Snatch and Clean and Jerk movements. The program is $100 for a total of 12, Coach-lead classes and will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for four weeks from 7:00 - 8:00am. USAW Advanced Sports Performance Coach, Aaron Poach will be leading the class, with assistance from USAW Sports Performance Coach, Danny Colica.

What is this program?
This is more than an introduction to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and is geared toward the person who has the foundations of the lifts already and is looking to improve their form, technical efficiency, gain overall strength, and/or explore the sport and competition piece of Olympic Weightlifting.

Classes will consist of a warm up, an in-depth review of what we’ll be doing along with why we’ll be doing it, and finishing up with either core strength building, video analysis, and/or plyometric exercises. We will drill the positions of the lifts from start-to-finish. You’ll leave this program with a more technical understanding of the snatch and clean and jerk movements, squats, presses, and pulls, along with the subtle differences between accessory movements such as the snatch balance vs. the heaving snatch balance.

These 12, one-hour classes will build up and culminate with a testing of your max effort snatch and clean and jerk. This class is limited to eight people, so sign up early if you are interested. Send us an email at if you’re interested in signing up, or register online here.

Here is what some of your CrossFit New Haven peers are saying about this program:

"I really enjoyed the NHWLC beginners program. I was super nervous at first but the coaches were all very welcoming and attentive. I enjoyed the breakdown of the movements and the eventual build up to the bigger lifts. This made weightlifting less intimidating and more approachable for me. Now that I have completed the program, I have noticed myself paying more attention to my set up and form in class WODs. I have definitely made some progress in my lifts since completing the program and hope to attend more NHWLC sessions"
-- Jamille R

"The New Haven Weightlifting Club is home to so many talented, hardworking, and kind athletes. As someone with minimal experience with Olympic weightlifting, I was welcomed by all of the members immediately and without judgment. I was able to get an extra pair of eyes at times and received feedback when working on unfamiliar movements. Each coach and many fellow athletes have provided me with great cues, drills, and relevant accessory work to improve my lifts and to feel more comfortable with the barbell"
-- Nicole Y

"I had not performed Olympic lifts for a long time before coming to Crossfit New Haven and found myself avoiding workouts that included snatch or overhead squats. I decided to do the beginner weightlifting program to review proper technique. The lifts are technical, but the coaches are great at providing feedback and manageable adjustments as you progress through the program. After just a few months I was excited for Olympic lifts to show up in CrossFit class WODs."
-- Stephanie H

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