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Wedding WOD Time!

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Barbells for Boobs....sign up!!!

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Wedding WOD with Coach Aaron & Caitlyn

Coach Poach here commandeering the blog! First and foremost, scroll up a little and then click the link to Barbells for Boobs and SIGN UP!

Now onto my soapbox… I am a very lucky man. I know this because next Saturday (10/12/13) I get to marry my best friend, Caitlyn Conley. You may have seen her in the gym before – she’s probably busting out pull ups, walking on her hands, or rocking some other gymnastic-style movement. Obviously that’s why I’m marrying her… Not really (well ok, maybe that’s part of it).

Whether you’ve met her or not (or me for that matter), both her and I would love to have you join us at 7:30pm tonight for a Wedding WOD! “But Coach Aaron, what’s a wedding WOD?” Good question! From what I’m told, marriage is a partnership, so this is a partner WOD where you’ll be challenged to help your partner through to the end.  After 8 years together, we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and both of them will probably show up.

If you’re interested in a fun WOD, and some social time after, (feel free to bring some adult beverages) then head down to CFNH tomorrow for a special 7:30pm class. Even though the WOD is a surprise, if you read this post again, you’ll probably get a good idea of what’ll be in it wink

Hope you can come!

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