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We need YOU!

in by Coach Amanda

Alright my fellow CrossFitters! In order for Barbells for Boobs to run smoothly, we need YOU to help! 

We have a sign up sheet for Volunteers conveniently located near the bathrooms at the gym. We aren't asking that you dedicate your entire day to help, anything will do 1,2,3, or 4 hours! 
There are different jobs for each hour:

Check in

Leader Board

Judege Sheets/Data Entry

Weight Swap

B4B/CFNH Runners (not actual running...)

Photo Booth!

Raffle Tix

CFNH Shirt Sales

There are 4 volunteers needed per hour, so come in and fill that sheet up! If you want, email to confirm your volunteer position and time! First come first serve! 

We thank you in andvance for your participation!!!! 

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