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in The Whiteboard by Coach Carla

If I was your On-Ramp coach here at CFNH, you might remember me pointing out on "Clean Day" that in Olympic Weightlifting, you'd see little hundred pound women cleaning 300 pounds. Now you all get to find out how much I exaggerate. It was a 116 pound girl cleaning and jerking 288.8 pounds.

Meet 19 year old Zulfiya Chinshanlo from Kazakstan who won the 53kg women's class (under 117 pounds) with a 95kg (209.5 pounds) snatch and a world record 131kg (288.8 pounds) clean and jerk. Leave it to the internet - there's already a video of her snatch out there for all to see. Oh, the indignity!

If you're feeling bad about the amount you're lifting, don't worry - there's a smaller women's class out there! I probably shouldn't tell you that Wang Minjuan won the gold medal in the 48kg (105 & lower) class with a 200.6 pound snatch and 251.3 pound clean and jerk.

The medal weighs 150 pounds.

In other news slightly closer to home, I mentioned the CrossFitter in the Olympics. No, not Lochte, for those of you watched him doing those crazy tire flips (OMG, he's crazy! Who does that? Tires go on cars! You can't flip tires! Cough.) No, I'm talking about CrossFit's own Rowing coach Erin Cafaro, rowing on the women's 8 team. They won their heat and transfer directly to the final medal event on Thursday. Do they have a chance to repeat their gold medal from the last Olympics? You tell me:

Not pictured: the rest of the world.

Yes, that's not a photoshopped picture - that's a screencap that CrossFit Endurance grabbed and posted of the finish where they really destroyed the competition. Or whatever you call what someone does to the competition on the water. Sunk them? Scuttled them? Handed them their collective asses? Yeah, that one sounds right.

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