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in The Whiteboard by Coach Amanda

Froning. It is a name almost EVERY CrossFit athlete has heard thrown around. He is the man. A 2nd place finish in 2010, and back to back wins in 2011 and 2012. Think he'll THREEpete?!? There is an awesome CrossFit video that explains the insanity that is Rich Froning from his competitor's point of view.

On the female front, Iceland Annie is out with a disk issue....the female who also went back to back in 2011 and 2012. The door is wide open for a new champ! 

I think this year is going to be awesome! The events are all posted and competition began Wednesday! Who would've guessed a 21,097m row and swim/bar muscle up events would kick off this year!?!

CFM's Coach and Athlete, Dan Loewenberg, is competing as a Master in the 40 - 44 category and CFM athlete Kaleen L is an individual competitor...check out all of the live footage and updates on The Games Site! (My hubby just taught me how to insert a please excuse the excessive use of it! I'm excited) 


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