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The 2017 Open at CFNH

in The Whiteboard by Coach Poach

The Open is the first step toward competing at The CrossFit Games held each summer, this year for the first time in Madison, WI. When i first started CrossFit in 2010, there was no Open, only Sectionals. Eric, Carla, Whitney, Molly, Fenton and a few others can tell you all about that. It was a lot different back then - “average Joes” could show up on a weekend, crush some workouts and be invited to Cali (the former site of "The Games"). The Open Competition was created to really find the best of the best, and it’s done just that. The top 20 men and 20 women after The Open from each region are invited to the Regional Competitions in May. Top competitors from there move on to The CrossFit Games. To attain this level you’ll likely need to be a semi-professional or professional athlete. Gone are the days of the 9-5-er competing in the Games.

And you know what? I like it better that way because it gives everyone else a way to measure progress from year-to-year, do the exact same thing as the semi-pros and pros, and with less pressure, it becomes all about having fun!

The Open is held across 5 weeks starting on Friday, February 24th and concluding on Friday, March 24th. Every Thursday night at 8:00pm a new WOD will be announced and athletes have until the following Monday to complete a version of the workout and submit their score. Everyone who signs up for The Open will complete either the RX or Scaled version of the WOD and be ranked against everyone in the world. At CrossFit New Haven, Friday’s WODs in March will be The Open WOD, so really you should sign up seeing you’ll be doing the workouts anyway, but more on that later. Every Friday at 6:30pm we will be having a “Friday Night Lights” where the 6:30pm class becomes all about The Open (note: this means the last formal Class WOD on Fridays will be at 5:30pm) . It won’t be a regular class, but a WOD party instead. We’ll workout, yell, cheer, scream for PRs, push and encourage each other and in true CFNH fashion, finish the night off with some adult beverages and socializing (which, if they had an Open competition for we would obviously dominate). This year, we’ll be returning to the Intramural style team competition, but more on that later.

Why Should I Sign Up?
You’re asking the wrong question… The question should be, “why SHOULDN’T I sign up?” Let me start by listing some common reasons (read: excuses) people try to give:

“No way, i’m not good enough to do The Open!” - are you trying to go to the games? Or are you trying to have fun and see what you can do? If it’s the first one it’s time for a reality check. If it’s the second one, then you should sign up because simply be being a member at CFNH you ARE good enough.

“But i don’t have ‘X’ movement.” - so what? There’s a scaled version of the workout. Even if the scaled version isn’t something you can do, we’re happy to scale it even further. You’ll still earn points for your Team (more on teams and the intramurals at the bottom). Also, i can’t tell you how many PRs, first times, and surprises people have had in The Open the past 6 years. You don’t know what you’re capable of until you try.

“The workouts are crazy! I’m not doing those!” - If you really think that then you haven't been coming in. Just like the benchmark workouts Jackie, Fran, Cindy, and the CFNH-created “Beast,” along with hundreds of other WODs you’ve done aren’t crazy? Trust me, you’ve had harder workouts before. That doesn’t mean they won’t be tough, but come on, you really think it’s going to be so crazy that you’re going to what? Be out of breath, sweat, grind and push? You mean all the stuff you normally do every time you come in?

I could go on and on about why you should sign up for The Open. If you’re a member who has done it in the past, please post your comments and encouragements on why YOU think people should sign up.

What's this Intramural Team thing?

Here's the nitty gritty:

-- Teams of up to 4 people, comprised of any combination of athlete: male/female, RX and scaled, etc etc. Choose whomever you want, as long as they're all signed up for The Open

-- Scoring:

--Teams are given 1 point for every athlete who completes a given Open workout. That’s right, all you have to do is show up and workout to get points for the team!
-- Teams are given 3 points for every athlete who finishes among the top 3 women or top 3 men in the gym per workout, per division (scaled and RX).
-- 1st place = 5 points
-- 2nd place = 3 points
-- 3rd place = 2 points
-- Teams are given 5 points if they win the “Spirit of the Open” award on any given week. This is the team that has the most team spirit.
-- Week 1’s “Spirit Challenge” is to throw it back to the 90s - snap bracelets, Nano Pets (not shoes), and jeans that are WAY too baggy will be featured. The more creative, the better chance of winning!
-- Week 2: CFNH TEAM’s Uniform 
-- Week 3: March Madness
-- Week 4: It’s St. Paddy’s Day, can you guess what the theme is?!
-- Week 5: a little added surprise for the teams still in it wink

Once you have your team, you'll want to designate a team captain who will in charge of sending all your teammates scores to Coach Poach and be the primary point of contact for any details of that week.

Keep an eye out early next week for some logistical updates on how next Friday night will run. 


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