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Summer Throwdowns….

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In case you missed the last Maintenance Monday blog...take a look at some of the throwdowns happening this summer! 

Triton Summer Throw Down

Where:  CrossFit Triton, Wallingford, CT

Desc:  Two person Same Sex Teams (Rx and Scaled). 

When:  Sat, June 21st 9:00AM - 5:00 PM

Cost:  $159.24/Team (avg $78/pp)

WOD's & Reg:  

CFNH Coach Review:  3 WOD's w/ 4th Final Wod.  "A great comp to sink your teeth into and get to workout with a partner you like to hit wods with.  Wod #3 is extremely similar to the 5/31 CFNH WOD, so you are 1/3 there mentally.  Triton will deliver some great commradery and competition from other boxes in the area.  Our CFNH COMP TEAM members will definitely be representing.  A very well run gym with organized event planning too."

The Longest Day - WOD

Where:  Branford CrossFit, Branford, CT

Descr:  WOD/Fundraiser for Altheimers

When:  Sat, June 21st 9:00 AM

Cost:  Your donation

WOD's & Reg:  

CFNH Coaches Review:  "This is just one single workout, so it's great for someone who has NEVER worked out in a CrossFit gym outside of CFNH.  It gives you a chance to see how other boxes operate their workouts and events.  A so-called "get your feet wet" for your confidence." 

Spartan Sprint

Where:  Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT

Descr:  Distance Obstacle Race

When:  Sat, June 28th @ 9:00 AM

Cost:  $125 w/ a 25% discount for the CFNH Team

WOD's & Reg:  

CFNH Coaches Review:  "What's not to love about this?  Did you know Reebok bought the rights to Spartan?  Did you know they gear almost all CrossFitters in the land?  In addition, our very own Coach E will be doing this race with his favorite CrossFitting son, Captain Jack O'B and anyone else who wants to join Team CFNH (yup the Team is on the Registration site, if you have already joined, switch to the CFNH Heat).  This is the shortest distance of the Spartan's.  Coach E is also a Certified Spartan Coach, so he will also give you insight on how to tackle each obstacle ON THE COURSE.  What is better than having your Coach, coach you, while on the race course!  If you ever wanted to do it (and so so CT close), with the CFNH discount, now is your chance!  Great après location for a post race party to boot!  We love that Bobby Flay's Burger Bar!"

CrossFit For Katie

CrossFitting for Katie is a fundraiser for Katie Terwilliger, 20, who was recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Katie and her family are Whip It CrossFit members and this fundraiser will help them pay for any medical bills associated with Katie’s treatment. 100% of the proceeds will be going to the Terwilliger family.

Where:  Whip It CrossFit, Guilford CT

Desc:  Two Person Same Sex Teams

When:  Sat, July 12th 9:00AM - ?

Cost:  $55/45 (before June 15th) $65/$55  18+/18-

WOD's & Reg:

CFNH Coach Review:  2 WOD's total.  There is a unique tiebreaker!  "We like this one ESPECIALLY if you are the novice CrossFitter or want to give a first try.  There are also divisions for Masters and Kids w/ 5 year age brackets in each category.  This is a SCALED Competition and Fundraiser.  Since it's only 2 workouts, the day won't be as long.  A great first comp and who doesn't want to raise money for a child and her family who is part of our extended CrossFitting family?"

Wodfest in the Wild

Where:  Jervis, NY

Desc:  Individual Men and Women or Teams of 3, Scaled and Rx Divisions

When:  Sat, August 2nd 8:00-4:30

Cost: $85/individual $225/team. 

WOD's & Reg:

CFNH Coach Review:  This is like a CrossFitting Camp for adults.  It is located about 1 1/2 hours away.  There are PLENTY of accommodations surrounding this training facility.  There are tons of activities on the 500 acres besides being an athlete or a spectator (which are fee of charge; unlike the Regionals games).   The WOD's look awesome.  The facility looks awesome.  It sounds like a CFNH Road Trip!

Roc Race

Where:  Hartford, CT or NYC

Desc:  5K Obstacle Course with Ridiculous Adult Fun

When:  Sat Aug 9th (Hartford) and/or Sat Sept 13th (Brooklyn)

Cost:  $69 - $64 depending on heat selections

WOD's & Reg:

CFNH Coach Review:  "This looks like great fun.  It's super close and in the hot summer, this looks like a refreshing and different type of obstacle 5K that will rival a Warrior Dash or Color Fun Run.  Remember the word FUN.  There is NOTHING here to train for". 

Closer to Free

Where:  New Haven County, CT

Desc:  25 Mi, 62.5 Mi, 100 Mi CFNH TEAM Bicycle Race

When:  Sat, September 6th 8:00AM

Cost:  $100/$50 (student) + Fundraising Team Goals

WOD's & Reg:

CFNH Coach Review:  Leave the barbells behind and dust that bike off in your garage.  Train this summer and choose your distance.  This is a CFNH team event.  This is a refreshing change to the sport of fitness and not at all a CF event!   The best part is you ARE already prepared for this; even if you have never been in a bike race.  You register to be part of the team and then reach out via social media or family events to help you raise more for Team CFNH.   This is a Smilow Cancer Center event.  A cause very dear to the hearts of Sam Carrano, John Longyear and David Generoso.  We are all touched by cancer in many ways and this is our way to help support those who fight the disease daily.

CFNH Endurance Events:

These are straight up Road Races that the CFNHE team likes to participate in and welcomes all CFNH'ers as well.  Listed in Chronological Order:

June 15, 2014:  Branford 5 miler:

August 3, 2014:  Sea Leg Shuffle 10 miler:

September 1, 2014:  New Haven Road Race 5K & 20K:

September 29, 2014:  East Rock Challenge 2 miler and 4.7 miler up the Rock:

RAGNAR 2015:  This is a CFNH favorite team event of 12 runners per team.  We have run Cape Cod, Adirondacks and this fall, CFNHE members are also heading to NAPA California to run another Ragnar.  I am honored to be joining another amazing group of athletes.  Aditi, Andrew, Annette, Trish will be meeting up with alumnae, Anita Vashi, in San Fransicso and heading over the Golden Gate Bridge and finishing up in wine country.  We'll send you all pictures.  If you are interested in another Ragnar event (hint hint, Florida KEYS in February????), now is the time to plan away.  Jump on the CFNHE FB page and join our group for more updates on the next destinations.

This blog will remain on the CFNH "events" tab for reference this summer.

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