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The summer of 2017 will be an exciting one for CrossFit New Haven. We have about 6 more months in our current facility so the planning for our new home is in high gear. We have a few events in June and July that we hope you’ll attend and have some fun with.

We also will be welcoming a new, full-time Coach to the team, Frankie Matos.

Frankie has been a member with CFNH since the fall of 2016. Prior to, and during this time, Frankie had been working as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor down at the Fitness Edge in Milford for over 2 years. His CrossFit-specific training started early on in his training career, shadowing a CF-L2 Coach during that time, who just qualified, along with her team, for the 2017 Games. He continued his exposure and practice of CrossFit with the fitness classes he lead at the Edge, eventually trying out a few CrossFit gyms in the area and settling on CrossFit New Haven as his home last fall.

Frankie identified himself as a possible candidate for the full-time position multiple times over the past few months, most of the time without even realizing he was doing it. Frankie brought a group of people in on Friday nights to help cheer one of his clients in The Open (seen above), and was there by her side Coaching, encouraging, and strategizing alongside her the whole time - all things we look for in our Coaches. Frankie began the Weightlifting for Beginner’s program in March and although he comes with over 5 years of lifting experience, he understands that there is a process to everything, and no matter how much one knows about a topic doesn’t meant there isn’t more to learn. Then i went down and took one of Frankie’s classes at the Edge to really check him out, and if felt like I was doing a WOD at CFNH! His warm up, dynamic movement, WOD and movement reivew, and even the workout itself looked and felt just like home. It was after this we were convinced that Frankie was the right choice. 

You’ll see Frankie around between now and his official start date on June 2nd, and on the schedule Coaching classes beginning on June 5th. We’ll be posting some things to help you get to know him better in the coming weeks as well. If you see him around, please introduce yourself.


Communications Coordinator
You may have seen more blog posts with her name on them, or maybe even received an email from her already, but if you haven’t then you should also know that our very own Lindsay Washbond is District Athletic Club’s new Communications Coordinator! Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Lindsay on joining our team full time!

With her new role, Lindsay will be in charge of many different things, but one that’s important for you to know is that Lindsay is your new primary point of contact for all things related to CFNH. Membership updates and questions, billing inquiries, clinic and event sign-ups, getting information about events, membership holds and anything else. She’s one smart cookie, and even if she doesn’t have the answer right away, she knows the right people to go to get it. So moving forward please direct all emails to Lindsay[at]

Both Frankie and Lindsay are also providing Personal Training Services through District Personal Training. Just in case you want to get to know them and get your butt kicked by them at the same time!

Keep an eye out for more information on these two, the summer events, and more over the next few weeks.

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