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Sianaraaaa Shakira!!!

in The Whiteboard by Coach Amanda


Name: Ciara (McCormack)
How your name really sounds: Kee-ra, Like Sha-kira but take out the Sha.

What Amanda really calls you: She goes with a musical theme going back and forth between "See-air-a (1, 2 step) and Shakira. I have since found out that she refers to me as Shakira in regular conversation.

CFNH Member since: April 2013

1) you'd been an athlete your entire life...give us a little background on your soccer stats!
I grew up in Vancouver, Canada and played every sport in high school (name it I played it), but soccer was my main thing. I got recruited and played at Yale and then played a fifth year medical redshirt year at UConn when I went to grad school there. I went to Denmark and Norway and played pro there for 6 years and I'm a dual citizen, also played with the Irish National Team as well for a few years.

2) Since starting CrossFit, have you seen any gains?
I tested my body fat in April when I started Crossfit just cause I was curious to see if it would make a difference. I just got re-tested at the lab and I've dropped 5 % body fat and 12 pounds since I started Crossfit in April. That's by far the biggest change for me as an athlete ever. More importantly I feel a lot faster and lighter on the field. I'm also super stoked cause I couldn't do any pull-ups when I started and I'm up to about 4 strict pullups and feel like my upper body strength is at an all time high.

3) What has been the biggest change to your soccer game since CF?
Just feel lighter and faster on the field and have good stamina considering I haven't really done much running outside of Crossfit since I started.

 4) Brag a little...where are you going to be in two weeks?!
I'm heading to Sydney, Australia to play with a team in the pro league there for 4 months.

5) Favorite barbell movement: Cleans
6) Least favorite barbell movement: Overhead Squat

7) How's your diet? Paleo?
I try and do Paleo for the most part, and eat tons of fruit and vege and fish. I'm also probably drinking more than the recommended daily serving of coffee.

 8) If you could only listen to ONE pandora station during a wod, what would it be?

90's hip hop, which Amanda happily obliges me with on the reg.

 9) If a WOD was named after you, what would it be?
Let's Run (hey stick with what you're good at, right?)

I love to travel and have been to 32 countries.

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