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Friday, May 16, 2014

Guest post from Coach Poach about a special event at CFNH this Friday night, May 16th at 6:30pm!

Did you know that May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month? I’m betting you didn’t. Honestly, I didn’t know either. Until one of our badass lady Athletes, Samantha Carrano who is pictured below, told me about it and that she’d like to raise some money for Smilow Cancer Hospital. Any guesses on why this is so important to her?

That’s right, this lovely lady you see smashing WODs, cheering and encouraging her fellow athletes, and doing everything she can to be better at CrossFit, is doing all of this with a Brain Tumor. Before I jump on the, “what’s your excuse” horse, I’m going to let Sam chime in with a little history, and with some insight into what some of her weekends are like.

Hey CrossFit peeps! Sam here. I don’t even know where to begin. I’m currently writing this on my tenth round of chemotherapy, crazy yes. I can’t believe that it has been that long but I’m in the home stretch with just 2 more rounds to complete after this one. Woo!

I won’t get into the nitty gritty details because then I’d be rambling on and on with minor things that I think are important but really aren’t. Like having surgery for the first time and it being BRAIN surgery! Or like what happens when you try to run without thinking first. Or how about having a funky hair cut for what seems like forever. (It still hasn’t grown in yet)

So, lets talk about what we all love. CrossFit. I had started my CrossFit journey at a globo gym, they had offered a HIIT class. I fell in love with how intense it was and that was when I heard the term CrossFit for the first time. I started researching and watching videos; seeing these strong athletes was moving to me, they had so much power. I had to start this right away. I started OnRamp in April of last year, had surgery in July, came back in August and I had lost everything I had and gained in those few months. I had no balance, no stamina, no muscle and my drive was shot. I was back at square one practically learning how to walk again. Many months later, I’ve gained all my muscle back and then some!

Along the way, I’ve told my story to the friends I was making and the support came in full force. Then….BAM that CrossFit community quickly became a huge part in my happiness. CrossFit has done so much for me. It’s given me the strength I need day in and day out to deal with this thing I have, it’s given me pride and confidence, it makes me feel like BAMF!, and most importantly it’s given me family. You embrace family no matter what and you stick together; that is exactly what we do.

It lets me live my life to fullest. I’m not letting my sickness define me and I want to be an inspiration to you guys. I’m not going to say, “what’s your excuse?” but I will cheer you on in those final seconds giving you the strength you need just like how you give me the strength to go through a total of 12 rounds of chemotherapy treatments. The other day I experienced my first RX and it felt amazing, well deserved. I pushed myself through that 30 minute EMOM like I’ve never pushed before. So hard, I literally felt like giving up and dying right there at the garage door after sprinting. You want me to do burpees now???

Anyways, I’m rambling.

I am truly thankful for all the support I have in my life and all the new support I get every day when I tell my journey. My crossfit buddies have become such a vital part in my life. Keeping me strong physically, pushing me to keep going, even when I feel like giving up. I don't know how I will ever repay any of you. Going through chemo is scary…I never know how I’m going to feel. It can change in an instant. On the positive side, it’s given me a whole new outlook on life. I hope I've inspired some of you to be a little more conscience of the amazing lives you have no matter how bad you think it might be.

 Pretty awesome, right? The most amazing part is that she still does CrossFit, and still brings the same energy and attitude to class no matter how her body is actually feeling.

Let’s show Sam how impressed we are with her, raise some money for cancer research, and have some friggen fun! On Friday, May 16th at 6:30pm we will be having a special charity WOD called, “Sam’s Choice,” filled with Samantha’s favorite movements. Anyone who attends is asked to donate $10 to do the WOD with all proceeds being donated to Smilow Cancer Hospital right here in New Haven. Of course, you don’t have to do the WOD to donate. This is meant to be FUN and like all of our WODs, will be completely scalable. And just like all our parties, you’re encouraged to bring your favorite beverage for a post-WOD shin dig!


Also - a big shout out to the CFNH Ragnar Teams & Racers this weekend! Word has it that it was one of the best yet. Congratulations to you all!

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