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Pick on Someone Your Own Size Check IN!

in Nutrition by Coach Amanda





"Tentative 4th weekend schedule"...
4th 9:00 am class only with Whitney
5th Tentative 8, 9 and 10 am classes
Regular schedule Sat and Sunday
All on Ramp classes cancelled Thursday

Reminder: Please bring in empty jugs of water/juice/'s for the kids smile

The Pick on Someone Your Own Size Challenge is winding down...but your effort shouldn't be! How are you guys holding up? Teams - who is winning?! Are you staying consistent with workouts, eating clean, and pushing eachother?! 

The accountability factor of any challenge is HUGE so take advantage of it! 

Comment about how the challenge is going, what improvements you've had, or things you'd like to see in the next one!

Poot Growing his Paleo Beard....Won't shave it till he cheats! 

Jerry rockin' burpees and the Whalers! (Always a great conversation starter!)

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