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Paleo Challenge Anyone?

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This is MY favorite part of it all!  The Paleo Talk.  It's the time when I watch all your jaws drop to the floor when I reveal to you the ugly truth about Agave, Xylitol, Diet Soda and all those other "good for you" things that are NOT good for you.  Then, we roll into a good-food Paleo Challenge.  

When Is the "TALK":  This Sunday from 1:00- 2:00 PM  

Coach C is holding her semi-annual chat session on all things nutritive as it relates to your health as well as your life here in CrossFit.  This is my absolute FAVORITE part.  The beginning of changing your lives forever.

IF you just joined CFNH, this is for you!  

IF you haven't done a challenge yet, no better time than the present.  

IF you are feeling like you are entering BEAST MODE heading into the Opens, you should be thinking about it too.  

Basically anyone who is here at CFNH, should be eating clean.  Your nutrition is 90 % of it all, as far as I'm concerned (no, that is not an actual statistic - you 8:00AM Science buffs)  

If you do this everyday (in any order; cause we have lots of folks who sleep in the daytime):  work, workout, rest, eat, recover...then the EAT part needs to be as good as the rest.  The sum of the whole, is only as good as it's parts; or it doesn't work at all. THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER.

So, What is Paleo?  Well that's what we will be talking about on Sunday.  The food pyramid that introduced this blog basically states it all.  You can eat any of it and in any combination. Nuts, seeds, veg, fruit, protiens.  

I always go back to my photo archives of athletes to demonstrate what Paleo can do for you.  

This person started with us in 2010.  

But, before you scroll down and peek, see if you can guess who this person is? (AND IT's not the one in Orange, that's ME)

Now look at her after eating clean......Drum Roll...


Keep scrolling!



BAM!  Your favorite Intern...and newly Level 1 CrossFit Coach  - Ryan Dostie-Osenko has changed her life.

Ryan has certainly stepped up her game inside of this gym and out.  She risen to the top of the challenge board on all Paleo Challenges.  She is now ready to mold you all into the rockstars that you want to become.

Intern Ryan will be leading this winter's Paleo Challenge.  Afterall, I've taught her everything I know and she knows her stuff.   So, do you want to look good in your bikini, or even better....NAKED?  Well, then, come find out what she has in store for you.  

Have I gotten your attention?


Here's what you do to start:

First thing is first, CLEAN OUT YOUR CABINETS and REFRIDGERATORS!  Get rid of the junk.  Give it away to your office mates.  Pour water over the cookies and cakes.  Throw out the chips.  Get rid of the excess carnage.  Then, examine a sample of approved lists of paleo foods (from the 2013 challenge).  Go out and buy what you like.  Start cleaning up your kitchens!

On Sunday we talk, On Monday, 1/27 we will start the 2014 Winter Paleo Challenge.  


You will be provided all the necessary information on Sunday.  If you can't make it but want to be a part of the challenge, no problem!  All of the docs will remain in our NUTRITION blog area where you can access them.  You will meet with your Team Captains once you are placed on a Team.  Along with Ryan and myself, the CFNH Coaches, who are your Team Captains, will place you on a team.

It's $20/per person to buy into the challenge.  See Coach C if you need financial aid amnesty. 

Winning Team takes the pot.  

Every participant wins something different out of the challenge.  Whether it's better sleep, a 400# deadlift, more energy, or just getting into a bikini and feeling great about yourself!  

Get out and make a change.  

See you Sunday!




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