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Leopards and On-Rampers!

in The Whiteboard by Coach Carla

"What? On-Rampers? But this isn't Monday!" First, I'm happy that you read the blog enough to know that. There's a big post brewing for Monday (oh, the excruciating wait!), so I want to make sure it doesn't overshadow our newest batch of On-Rampers who not only graduated tonight but who each improved their Intro WOD times by a minimum of 2 minutes! Welcome them in and watch out for the awesomeness!

Rachel, Josh, Carina and Melissa

Now, onto the next section. Today, Amazon dropped off a package we've been waiting for for a looooong time.


Granted, I haven't had it in my possession long enough to write an extensive review, but I will first give you my three word review.

Buy. This. Book.

Not only is this book jam-packed with information, it's jam-packed with photos. For those of you with KStar Krushes, there's a loooot of KStar in here.

Case in point

In addition to talking about how the body moves in all sorts of exercises, he breaks down the movement flaws not only with words, but with photos too. This makes it great not only for the coach but for the athlete too. You don't need a lot of anatomy education to look at a picture that says "Incorrect" and realize that picture looks just like you.

There's also extensive explanation of stretches and mobilization tricks for all parts of the body. This section is divided into different parts of the body and, most genius of all, there's a drawing of a body at the start of the section with the various areas all highlighted. If your hamstring is bothering you, you can look on the chart and discover that's in the "Posterior Chain" section and flip right to 12 pages of how to fix yourself.

This is an excellent book to have on hand. Granted, you've got us coaches to come to for stretching help, but what do you do if you wake up in the middle of the night with something bothering you? Boom - there's your Supple Leopard book. Granted, there's always KStar's MobilityWOD site for reference, but having a book puts everything in a nice sane order and makes it really easy to find exactly what you need, especially if you're an old codger like me.

If you don't want to wait for Amazon to deliver the book, word is Barnes & Noble has it on their shelves right now (at least in North Haven), which is really pretty awesome, if you think about it.

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