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Help for your fellow CFNH Members

in The Whiteboard by Coach Poach

Amidst all the excitement and joy of the holiday last week, some of our members, unfortunately, did not have as exciting a week as many others. Last week Kim F and her partner, Tricia's apartment was involved in a house fire. The apartment above them caught fire and some of it made it one floor down into their apartment. What the fire didn't destroy, the water from the Fire Department did. Luckily, no one was hurt and both Kim and Tricia are fine physically. However, they've lost almost everything. Kim and I spoke on Friday and i told her the power of the CrossFit New Haven community and offered our assistance. Please see this note from Kim below:

Thank you again for speaking with me today, I apologize for being so emotional; the last 48 hours have been a lot. My girlfriend and I love being a part of the gym and will certainly continue coming.

Our situation is the following- we have been living in our Westville apartment for 4 years and due to a fire that occurred in the apartment above ours on Wednesday, July 5th we have to move out immediately. The entire house is being gutted and renovated from top to bottom and will take approximately 10-12 months before we can move back in. Sadly, we did not have renters insurance and have lost all of our furniture. We are currently seeking temporary housing for the interim period. Thank you for offering to help in anyway, you are certainly making us feel like part of the community.

As you can see, they are in search of both a place to live and some furniture and items to fill it. If any of you know people who are landlords, have connects who are landlords, real-estate agents, brokers, etc, that might be able to help Kim and Tricia find some temporary housing it wound be immensely helpful. If you or anyone you know has anything along the lines of furniture or similar items they would be able to donate or part ways with, or any other items they can use that would also be very helpful. Please contact me directly, and I will put you in touch with Kim. 

Let's show Kim and Tricia the true power of the CFNH community, band together, and do whatever we can to help them in this difficult time. 


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