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Garage Games Team#2!

in by Coach Amanda

Reminder: BARBELLS FOR BOOBS....SIGN UP! Check out the link above!

You got to hear about Team NOT so Paleo yesterday....check out the other CFNH team heading to the Garage Games this weekend!

 "GUYS and clydesDOLLS": Ralphie Sylvester, Ellen Vollmers, Eric O'Brien, Whitney Doel

1) What are you guys looking forward to most?
Having fun with the workouts and pushing each other.   Oh, and a gym full of half-naked CrossFitters showing off their skills.

2) How is you're training going?

We're basically rubbing Ellen and Whitney's GOLD Medals from the Hartford Comp for luck and hoping for the best. Ha!  No, we've each done individual testing of the wods and weights and then spent last Friday evening testing them as a team.  Eric developed a schematic on the whiteboard with our names/wods/times/and our favorite food. He ran a few algorithms, sketched a few stick figures, made one Venn Diagram, and voila... our game plan was cemented.

3) How'd you become a team?

Ralphie has been hitting it hard in the gym these last few months and he was ready to test himself in a competition setting; Ellen and Whitney were coming off of the high of winning at the Hartford Comp and wanted to do another team event together, and we peer pressured Eric into joining us with the promise of fun and Christopher Martin's nachos at the end... and thus GUYS and clydesDOLLS  was formed.  **Shout out and thanks to Coach Carla for letting Coach Eric come play with us for the weekend!!** 

 4) What wod you think you'll perform best in?

We only know Wods one and two so far and when we tested them, they felt great!! We like to move big weight  around so  "IsaGrAn" should be a great time!We're pumped to put them all together and give it our best.

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