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Sunday, December 09, 2012
10:15 AM
Christopher Martins' State St. New Haven, CT

There are four open slots for this Thursday's (11/15) 6:30PM On-Ramp. Our online system's not letting people sign up, so if you'd like to sign up, please send Kristen an email (, call (203-777-2364) or stop by to do so.

Gymnastics clinic this weekend! Speaking of slots and openings, we still have both for this weekend's Gymnastics Clinic being held by Coach Frank and Caitlyn Conley. The clinic is this Saturday from 11A-1P. It is free for unlimited members and $20 for 3x/week members. For more information and to register for the clinic, click this link.

Coach D'Ags and I won the dance competition at last year's holiday party (NOT).  But we do both love to dance.   As D'Ags quoted this pic, "all endurance, all the time".  Today's blog is a plug for the CFNH Endurance Group.

Every Friday evening @ 6:00PM and Sunday afternoon @ 2:00PM we will coach you through some of the most grueling wods of the week.  Yup, no rests in your workouts.  Nothing but V02 max and RPE scales.  Endurance is just that.  It's for those of us who love to run or row, or train for that Tough Mudder, 5 K or 50 K trail run.  Even if you have never run a race in your life.  Even if you have been injured and haven't had time to fit in training.  We do not encourage long, slow distance training anyway.  That's just not productive.  CFNH Endurance training is geared to have you prepared for anything you want with goals you want to accomplish.  We teach you how to run and row properly.  How to avoid injury.  Of course we will coach you on your performance and make you a better-fueled and more efficient machine.  There are three additional workouts per week.  The two I mentioned and a third "independent" wod you do on your own time.  By adding just these 3 wod's, in addition to Crossfitting 3-5 times a week at the gym, you will gain the capacity for endurance races and events.  With no other training required.  Trust us.  

Coach D'Ags just finished a 50K Trail Run on nothing but CrossFit training.


Concept 2 - Rowing on Friday's 6:00PM


The 100,000 meter row between the holidays.  (yup, you row that much between Thanksgiving and Christmas).  It's sure to be a blast and will be attended by many in the row circles at CFNH.  February 17th we will head to Boston, MA for the Crash B's.  We'd love to have more athletes join us.  See Coach C if you are interested.   


Sunday WOD's - All Endurance Based

There are so many requests for workouts.  We leave Sunday's at 2:00PM for the kitchen sink.  A little of all things geared for the endurance athletes.  Some weeks, it's plyometric training.  Some weeks, a little hamstring work.  Some weeks, mobility.  But always with an endurance workout that is sure to please.  As our race training winds down, and the programming changes for wintertime weather, we reserve this special day for Endurance athlete who doesn't want to stop.  Enter the Hero's and Girls. We keep you running or rowing or even a little double undering, with a little twist.  Even in the snow, we'll keep you moving.

CFNH Endurance Group will finish this year with The Christopher Martins 5K on December 9th at 10:15AM.  If you are remotely interested, I encourage you to register.  This race sells out fast.  Rightfully so, because it is also one of the best Holiday events of New Haven.  


If you are looking to be part of a fun group of friends from the gym, take a peek at some of our favorite CFNH Endurance moments:

Beast of the EAST.  The "other" team - 2012 Tuck and RUN just before the 10K Firebreather Challenge.


A C2 Class last year. Fridays @ 6:00PM, going on now until February.  Look what it did for Andrew Imperiati!

At the Crash B's held in February every year.  A very cool 2K Sprint Race, at BU.  Anyone interested?  Click HERE.  

The Super Spartan Race 2011

Newport Marathon 2010  Relay

The New Haven Road Race and some Pre-party planning.

Our goal is to train hard but have fun in the process of that training.  Remember, Endurance classes require an "unlimited" CFNH membership, so check in with Coach D'Ags or myself or email Coach Kristen to get started.

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