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Cookin’ it up!

in Nutrition by Coach Amanda

Do you ever feel bored with food? I have been lately. I have no desire to cook. It really is a terrible thing. And wanna know the worst part? When I DO take the time to go online and look up recipes, I'm not into making any. Sure, some sound delicious, but those recipes always get so fancy and call for items that a normal cabinet and fridge are not stocked with. It's almost as if someone said, "Hey, Paleo food should look and taste like bad food so let's come up with ingredients to give it the bad food feel"....well, uh, doesn't that defeat the purpose of healthy food? Don't get me wrong, I think that healthy food should taste good...but I think by adding ingredients that aren't natural is sugar coating the issue at hand. Food should be food...not food wrapped in processed healthier stuff. Ya feel me? Any who, in my state of boredom while grocery shopping at Trader Joe's, I came across pumpkin butter. Yes, pumpkin butter. It isn't the texture of peanut butter...its more like a very thick thick thick jam. I also came across apple cranberry butter....both items that are filled with a lot of crap.

Are you thinking, "OK. Great Amanda. So what!?"

Well my friends, these "butters" can be used to spice up our boring meals! Pork chops lacking a little zest? Try using one of these butters as a sauce! BOOM! (Shout out to Coach Whitney for giving me this amazing idea!!!)

Once I finally get out of my cooking rut, I am planning on experimenting!

Let me know what you think smile

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