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in Nutrition by amandaz

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Crock Pot Bison Sweet Potato CHili!!!!

I was doing some shopping at Costco and came across someground bison! Naturally, I jumped on this! 

My directions: 

Saute onions in pan until translucent. 

Add ground bison....cook through. 

Add salt. Pepper. Cumin. Paprika. (Give it some kick!) 

Cut up a bunch of sweet potatoes into biteable cubes and grow I crock pot. 

Add meat to crock pot. 

Add a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes (I used 1 regular can 14 oz and 1 fire roasted tomato with jalapeño...from TJs) 

Mix all together. 

Set to low for 4-6 hours....AMAZING. 

Erin poppin' and going STRONG!!!

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