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Cookin’ In the Kitchen!

in Nutrition by Coach Amanda

CFNH! The kids program is in need of some JUGS! Coach Whitney and Coach Carla are looking for (7ish total) 1 Gallon water jugs por favor.
Please bring them in at your earliest convenience!

With the Paleo Diet, everyone understands the lean protein concept. It's summer. Throw some shrimppppp on the barbieee! Or steak. Or burgers. Chicken will work as well. You get the point.
However, sides tend to be boring, mundane, and often recycled. A couple of weekends ago, I went to the casino and ate at Michael Jordan's steak place. YUM!!! We got this side dish of corn and it was so delicious, I decided to try to recreate it at home!
Before I give the directions and ingredients, some of you may be thinking - "Corn has no nutritional value...ugh." aaaand to you haters I say, "It tastes delicious! Everyone loves corn in the summer!" Then there are some of you that are probably thinking about how funny it is that we don't actually digest corn all that see where I'm going with that?! (Don't make me spell it out....ok ok fine. P.O.O.P)

Here's what you need!
CORN! You can use a bag of frozen if you're crunched for time...but with the corn season upon us...grab a bunch of ears! Trader Joe's even makes it as easy and pre-shucking them for you! Microwave with a paper towel over them for a few minutes and BOOM! Corn on the cob!
Saute some yellow onions in a pan using some coconut  oil until they are translucent. (coconut oil adds amazing flavor to everything. Trust me.)
While the onions are sauteeing, either a) open the bag of frozen corn or b) cut the corn off of the cob!
Once the onions are done, add the corn and cook until the kernels are soft.
The finishing touch...CILANTRO! Dice up some cilantro nice and fine and toss in with salt and pepper to your liking! This is a nice twist on a classic summer side!

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