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Christopher Martins 5K Race For Children and CF Girls’ Stocking’s Comp…Weekend Challenges Updates!

in Endurance by Coach Carla

REMINDER:  There is NO Sunday 2:00 PM Class today!  Run the CM's Road Race.

While Coach Amanda is on vacation and hanging out with Channing Tatum (yup! She'll tell us all about it when she gets back from the land of sunshine), I'm happy to update you with the current weekend happenings at CFNH.

Christopher Martin's 5K Road Race

Today is the Christopher Martin's 5K Race!  This annual 5K is a major running event for many of us at CFNH.  Lots of folks will make an attempt to finish their very first 5K, like our Ms. December AoTM, ChrisAnn Miranda.  She will be joined by our 2012 AoTM & Mr. December, Andrew Imperati.  In addition, lots of athletes including the CFNH Endurance Team will be out there too.  If you are interested, there is still time to registser before midnight Dec. 7th.  OR please register in person EARLY in the morning at Christopher Martin's.  For more details, link up HERE:  Dress for success in your favorite Holiday gear.  If you don't want to run,  but would love to be an athletic supporter, please come down to CM's on State St. and cheer on many CFNH'ers who will be running.  This is the biggest apres-race part in the State of Connecticut.  Please be sure to dress for both 30 degrees and 100 degrees if you are staying on.  It gets quite hot with all those sweaty runners inside!


J-ROD, took 4TH PLACE!

Jen, left her heart out there on that floor.  She did an amazing job and is definitely going to be in pole position to take on the 2014 Opens after that final workout now!  After 3 grueling wods, the top 5 athletes moved to the final wod where Jen endured a 20:00 ladder called "The 12 Pains of Christmas" to take a prized 5th place out of 74 competitors.  From Snatches, TTB, Sit Ups, Thrusters, Backsquats, KB swings & Box Jumps!  She did it all.  Great work Jen!

Shout out to Sarah "Vee" Gordon, who competed in her very first competition!  No looking back now.  You are game faced and ready for more.

Courtney Hausfeld and yours truly were also present and representing in our CrossFit New Haven style.  Many CFNH members & coaches cheered us all on and thank you for taking time out of your Saturday to be a part of it with us.  We all "simply were having a wonderful christmas time".   I must say, we all keep great company among us.  As I looked around, I didn't think the other gyms were having as much fun as we were.

If you are even considering doing the CFNH In-House Winter Throwdown in Jan/Feb (we aren't really sure what date it is right now), or the 2014 Open's, ask any of our BEAST-ETTE's, who competed this weekend, what excitement it is to be out there.  I also hear from Coach E of a head-to-head throwdown with CFNH and CrossFit Triton brewing.  Now that is a group we'd like to rumble with!  Stay tuned for those details in the upcoming months as well.  

There is no better time than right now to jump into competition life at CrossFit New Haven!







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