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Christmas Eve!

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Merry Christmas from the morning Yale crew! 

It’s Christmas Eve Day! 
We’ve made it!  The entire holiday season is culminating into these final two days.   These are times when there are megla-doses of extra snacks and desserts and of course, all adult beverages we love to imbibe upon.  At the gym, we hit it especially harder during this season so we can enjoy these times and feel good that we have persevered with staying “active”, even though not all of our diets may not resemble the super strict practice we have the other 10 months out of the year.  You can stress about your diets later.  Enjoy yourselves; it’s why you work so hard at CFNH.  Hope Santa is good to you all!

C2 100,000 Meter Holiday Rowing Challenge Finishes Today!

Maybe you have seen fellow gym members who have been rowing before and after classes and you are thinking, “what the hell are they doing that for?”.  This is a charity row, for every meter they row, C2 donates $.02 to a charity of their choice.  I am happy to say that over 10 athletes in the gym participated.  Dan O’Connell finished his 100K in just 8 short days!  That is faster than Krystal Hulley’s 13-day stretch in 2012.  (Both athletes set high expectations for the pack this year).  Congratulations also to Meredith Killion, Molly Leber, Melissa Mason, Trish O’Neill, Lisa Siedlarz.  They have all completed this challenge and sent good money to their charities!  They gave a ton of time and have rowed the equivalent of more than 2 marathons this month.  I am so proud of them!


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