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CFNH Endurance Gears up for 2013

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If you were ever curious about what CFNH Endurance Training is and what the CFNHE Team does, now is your chance to get ready.   Our 2013 events are in the planning stages, so it's time to start your training.  

Who are CFNHE Athletes?

We are athletes who thrive beyond a 20:00 minute workout domain.  Whether your sport is running, rowing, bi's or tri's (no - I don't mean your "guns" either), then you want to hear what we are going to be talking about.  Even if you just want to train for your first 5K.  Maybe you want to do a Triathalon, but you don't know the first thing about a bike ride or a swim?  We'll work on those sports too!  If you are thinking "YES!  I'd like to know more about this," then you need to consider increasing your membership to "unlimited"; because we train in and out of the gym an additional 2+ workouts a week.  The next step is committing to the training.  We love you folks who love LSD (not the drug to make you bigger faster stronger) - that's Long Slow Distances.  In CrossFit, we train you in a new style called POSE.  This allows your body to function MUCH more efficiently without all of that training you do on the road or in the water.  Some are skeptical at first, until they see PR's.  Also, your post-race recovery is minimal. 

CFNHE Team Begins Training

Events that are being planned for the 2013 Calendar will include a Tough Mudder, a Sprint TRI, a distance Team RUN (think 200+ miles) and yes.....some Open Water Boat work.  Whatever your passion, we'd like to have you with the team.  We will pick about 4 or 5 main races that we all will agree upon.  Then sprinkle in some 5Ks throughout the year.  

This year, I'd like to get some uniforms going - performance wear!  Coach D'Ags and I are looking forward to some new recruits and all of our CFNHE athletes will be there to support each other, just like in the gym.  We hope you can make it. 


When:  Friday March 2nd

Time:  6:30PM (45 min max)

RSVP:  to Carla if you cannot make the meeting, but would like to know more about this training program.

CFNHE Open House Class

CFNHE Class  & Open House will be @ 2:00PM on Sunday 2/24/13.  All Athletes (3/wk and unlimited members) are welcome to join us.

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