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Bring your Watch to Endurance Classes PLEASE

in Endurance by Coach Carla

Have you seen me wearing multiple watches sometimes on days when we need to track your time?  What the heck am I doing this for?  I know I've been called the CFNH MOM, but jeez guys, I'm not your mother.  So, I'm no longer tracking individual times.  Bring your watches to classes!!!

Athletes, YOU need to have the tools to do YOUR work properly.  Invest in a good watch.  One that will track laps, one that will track time.  

In Endurance Classes, I don't give a $h!t about your Heart Rate Monitor, so throw that strap out and just bring the watch.  You can track your heart rate at a time when RPE is necessary.  It won't be in one of our classes, however. 

There are so many options for watches with so many bells and whistles.  Don't worry about anything else.   You don't need one with a GPS tracking device (cause we ain't running those LSD's in class), not one with the little pod that fits into your shoes and has an "apple" on it (cause I know just how far you're going).  Just one that keeps hours:minutes:seconds:hundredths.  Yup.  That's all you need.

New times begin this week!  6:30AM Tuesday and 6:30PM Thursday.  Have fun buying your new toys!  D'Agsy and I will see you out there.


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