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BB4B Lock In!

in by Coach Amanda


How will CFNH be celebrating Friday the 13th? By hosting a scary movie night & slumber party right here at the gym to benefit our annual Barbells 4 Boobs event!

The one and only, Jeremy Leber, will be setting up a projection TV and we will be screening your favorite scary movies all night. Then afterward we can all snuggle until it's time to WOD bright and early in the morning smile

Bring your sleeping bag, pillow and your favorite jammies (no, Eric O'Brien, you cannot sleep naked here!) and get ready for some fun!

Admission is $15 an includes snacks and "cold beverages" but as always you're welcome to bring anything you want to eat or drink.

All are welcome to spend the night but we understand that not everybody who want to join us can stay until morning. The doors will be locked after the first movie is finished (around 11pm), so if you don't plan on spending the night, that's your cue to get a move on.

For those that do stay all night you are more than welcome to bring your gym clothes with you so that you can do the 8am WOD in the morning. If you don't plan on doing the WOD we ask that your slumber stuff be cleaned up by 7:30 so that the gym can be readied for those about to work out.

I bet you're asking yourself, "what about my kids!?" Kids are welcome to come for the movie but won't be able to spend the night. And remember, this is a scary movie night - so think about whether you want your darling child to watch the creepy on screen kids torture unsuspecting adults. They may learn something and try it at home.

"And my pup?"... We love your dogs but for this event we ask that they stay home.

We hope to see you all there!

Yay Boobs!

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