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Athlete of The Month!!!

in Athlete Of The Month The Whiteboard by Coach Amanda

Name: Jeffrey Alan Stevens II
Nickname: Poot/PootZilla/Pooter Mc Neuter/Jazzy Jeff
Occupation: I fix CHOO CHOOS!
Member since: July 2012

1. How did you get started with CFNH?

When I first started Crossfit i had just got done with a lengthy rehabilitation from an ACL reconstruction. I had gotten used to HAVING to work out just in order to be able to walk on my own. My doctor instructed me to work out in order to loose weight and make my knee last. Then one day I was scouring the interwebs and I saw a video put out by Crossfit HQ called “Killing the Fat Man”. It was about a normal guy that weighed the same as myself that lost a metric fuck ton of weight. I told myself to at least try it and i have been drinking the Kool-aid ever since.

2.What changes have you made to make your life healthier? 

How about eveything. I lost a lot of weight. I weigh my self once a year and in august i lost 48lbs. I also ate like shit! I was a vegeterian. YUCK! Never doing that again. Oh glorious meats how i missed thee.

3. You grew a beard a few months ago....tell us why!

I grew out a paleo beard for one of the challenges we had at the gym. it was mostly to keep my self honest because if i cheated during the challenge i would have to shave the beard in shame. I hated that fucking thing. After the challenge i got some chicken and waffles and shaved that fucker off.

4. In the short time that I've been at CFNH, I've seen you get a lot stronger! Brag a little smile

well i have gotten stronger because of the excelent programming and instruction by the great coaches that i have had at Crossfit New Haven. I do what ever is written on the board. But i have grown by leaps and bounds. when i started my back squat was in the low 200s on monday we did one reps and i got 301 and just ran out of time i know i have more in me.

5. If you could listen to one song on repeat in the gym, what would it be? 

Anything but Minute Man by Missy Elliot. Shit i just want one wod where i can listen some death metal. Come on just one.
Across Forest and Fjords by Revocation

6. How many squats did you do in November - December?! 

In November i did 154,985lbs of squats. i changed it up everyday between front, back and over head squats. thrusters counted too so one sunday i did 100 thrusters at 100lbs.but the hardest part was the math; too many numbers.

7. What is a goal you have set for yourself in the next 6 months? 

 I eally dont set goals for my self. i just try to be at least 2% better than yesterday...

8.The next year?! .....but i do want a hand stand push up by the end of this year.

9. If you could have ANY workout partner in the world, who would it be and why?

Any in the world?...... Arnold Fuckin Schwarzenegger! Why? Because he is Arnold Fucking Schwarzenegger!

10. If there was a WOD named after you, what would it consist of? 

 Oh damn a Poot wod! It would be all squats

For time
30 front squats @115
30 wall balls
30 back squats @115
30 box jumps
30 overhead squats @115

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