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Name: ChrisAnn or CA
Occupation: Teacher & Mother of Madeline & Isabella
Member since: April 2010

1. How did you get started at crossfit new haven?
Well my very dear friend Janyce Murphy introduced to Carla O'Brien right before CFNH was opening so I went down one day to check it out & I was hooked! I walked to CFNH from my house not realizing how grueling a WOD is, barely made it home! Almost phoned a friend for a ride back.

2. What is one thing you've overcome in your cross fit journey?
My own body issues. I now know for sure I am a strong, beautiful woman regardless of my weight or the size of my jeans (damn squats)

3. What is your favorite lift and why?
Power Clean because it was the 1st lift I did at a fairly high weight. I PR'd at the CFNH's Winter Throwdown last year with the crowd & my partner, Lori Marini, cheering me on & it felt amazing. So that lift is very dear to my heart.

4. Crossfit new haven has great community...what's your favorite outside the box memory?
I have so many because it is such an amazing community. So here are a couple... Krystal eating hot dog buns as Carla has a judgmental look on her face, My captain, Andrew not remembering how he made it home last year after the CFNH Holiday Party, Vacationing with Whitney & Mr. Henry Jones in MV (Shine bright like a diamond) & Bella still questioning if Molly is really married to Leber

5. You're a competitive crossfitter now! How was your first competition and will you do another?
I have also, overcome come my fear of an organized CrossFit competition just last month! It was a powerful experience that I will never forget. I pushed myself mentally & physically harder than I ever had beside the time a gave birth to my children, naturally, I might add.
Now you probably won't be able to stop me. Look for me at your local box, next comp!

6. Name 1 long term fitness goal:
Continue to challenge myself & never stop setting goals, even small ones

7. Name 1 short term fitness goal:
Run a 5k, happening this Sunday!

8: It's the Holiday season, anything you're doing to stay on point!?
I added running (well actually more like a trot or jog) to my life. Hoping that will help...

9. Give us a FUN FACT about you!
As a baby I won the Hummel Brothers Hot Dog calendar contest, so I was on their calendar for a year. Yes, I was always this cute!!!

10: If you could workout with ANYONE...who would it be and why?
Serious note: My daughter Madeline, I love working out with her & our mother/daughter time we spend at CrossFit. It's our special thing we do together.
Not so serious note: Christmas Abbott & why? Umm have you seen her?!?!?!

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