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Lori Marini!!!

 I haven't been back at CFNH for too long, but I can tell you that I've been impressed by Lori! My favorite Lori moment has to be from two weeks ago. It was a Wednesday WOD, the second mile run into 10 pushup 10 situps. I saw Lori coming towards the garage door, struggling to keep her lunch down....when I asked if she was ok, she simply went behind a tire, came back out, went inside to the bathroom to rinse, and ran out...completing a few reps before time was called! I was so impressed with her rallying skills! She crushed it!

Take a few minutes to learn a little more about our AOTM, Lori Marini!

Name/Nickname: Lori Marini aka Lulu
Occupation: Pathologist Assistant and Surgical Pathology Gross Room and Frozen Section Laboratory Manager at Yale
Member at CFNH since: December 5 2011

1. How'd you hear about CFNH? One of my friends is in the Coast Guard. He would always complain about how sore he was from his CrossFit work outs. After a few months of listening to him complain, I then notice the huge CrossFit logo on the side of the building driving up 91 one day. So I bugged Andrew Imperati to try it out with me until he gave in…what’s the worse that can happen right??
2. What's your favorite time to workout at the gym? I love Saturday and Sunday mornings followed by a little P&M gathering of course! Everyone is invited to stop on by!!!
3. When you aren't in the the gym crushin' wods, what do you like to do for fun? Spending time with people that make me laugh and getting outside. I’m a beach person, can’t live without the ocean, so right now that’s where you can find me!
4. Are you down with Paleo? I’m playing at a 95% Paleo. After the last challenge, I really took on the principles but I’m not going to be difficult about how I take my coffee if almond milk isn’t available.
5. What's your favorite cheat meal!? Modern Pizza, cannolis, Nuvita frozen yogurt (in no specific order)
6. Any cool stuff to brag about?! Completed the Gunstock Tough Mudder in June. I was so excited that I was able to accomplish every obstacle all the while laughing with a great group of people. I can’t thank Lori, Annette, Christine, and Angelina enough (as well as the others in our group that we were separated from). That was such an amazing experience that I will never forget and would so do again!
7. What's one long term goal you have for your fitness/health? For the first time in my life I consider myself an athlete and I feel strong. When I lived in Boston, I used to run along the Charles, and even ran a half marathon, but I never considered myself an athlete…I just ran what’s the big deal? Now that I find myself getting stronger and challenging myself with fun, friendly, competitive events! I have a whole new outlook on what’s possible with fitness. Yes it can be fun and be an amazing work out at the same time-who knew?!
8. Short term? To get a 200 lbs deadlift and 95 lbs clean (I’m currently at 168 lbs and 83 lbs, respectively)
9. Favorite Song to WOD to....GO! Anything LOUD and upbeat! My introduction WOD was with Frank (dun dun dunnnnn). That morning, as I felt like I was dying during a brutal WOD, the song that kept me going was “Killing In the Name” by Rage against the Machine. So it’s become my CF anthem.
10. What is your favorite lift/type of wod? I don’t really have any specific lifts. I’m still amazed that I’m doing some of them since I never had before coming to CrossFit. My favorite WODs are multiple AMRAPS of different movements, I feel I really push myself through every AMRAP without getting bored.

BONUS QUESTION: Give us a FUN fact! I can swear at you in three different languages!! My parents are right off the boat from Italy so Italian was my first language. When I was 5 years old, we moved from Connecticut to St Jerome, Quebec (30 mins outside of Montreal) and lived there for 7 years. After only a week of American kindergarten, I was submerged in a French speaking culture. Yup, I cried every day because I didn’t know what the hell people were saying!!! So of course, it goes without saying, I love hockey (the more fights the better), maple syrup cabins, and poutine.

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