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Athlete of the Month.

in Athlete Of The Month by Coach Amanda

I am exceptionally proud to announce the athlete of the month! In the time that I've been at CFNH I have seen her become one strong, badass chick! Keep up the AMAZING work girl!!!

1. How did you hear about CFNH?  I love Living Social deals and there was one for CrossFit True Athletics in Hamdem.  Didn't know what this was but I have this thing about trying anything once.  After a few months it was not a good fit for me because of the driving distance so I decided to explore one closer to home.  That was in May 2013! 

2. You're a die hard 5:30 amer! What motivates you to workout at the crack of dawn? It's the only time of the day I don't have any meetings scheduled - lol.  My job involves a lot of meetings and my days average 10 hours long (it used to average 12 hours but CrossFit helped me see the unhealthiness in that!) so after work is not good.   Don't get me wrong...waking up at 4:30am (for a 5:30 class) is really hard but I'm way too tired to talk myself out of working out - so I just go through the motions...get up, get dressed, make coffee, grab my bag and wait for Rajini to pick me up!

3. If you could choose...what would be your favorite WOD? Anything having to do with strength building, thrusters and power snatches! My perfect WOD would be finding a 1 RM of something...then some thrusters, power snatches, push ups and kettle bell swings.  That kinda sounds like it’s all over the place but right now those are my favorite workouts.

4. In the past few months you've done some competitions! How did you prepare?  The first competition was this past Dec (2013).  I did some PT with Amanda and practiced the WOD until I built enough confidence.  Unfortunately, I was never really convinced I would finish the WOD making me a bit unprepared (I was 12 reps shy of completing the WOD).  It taught me a valuable lesson…train for everything…prepare for anything (sound familiar?).   I also did the throwdown for the first time, which made me nervous because I didn’t know what I was getting into.  As much as I was told it would be something I could do, the fact that I could not train on the particular comp WOD made me nervous.  In the end it all turned out ok and I did much better than I thought.  I had a wonderful partner (thanks Doug), lots of 5:30amers were there and it was a great time.  I also learned to trust the process…everyday is a “training”…sometimes for the unknown.

5. This is your first year doing the CF has it been going?! I don't think there's enough time for me to speak to the amazing experience I'm having.  Wow.  First I should say I had no idea what I was getting into.  I just loved the idea of competing with the just seems like a cool dinner conversation ("hi honey, whacha do today...oh...competed with the  Anyway, what I didn't know was I would learn some powerful lessons in the process.  After much speculation that the opens would "open" with a WOD that most people could do... it threw many of us a curve ball and opened with a difficult movement...double unders!  I felt betrayed...after all isn't Crossfit about community? Why would it start out with wanting to eliminate most of the competitors? It just didn't make sense. Then I read on Facebook, someone seemingly happy that the first WOD would eliminate 70% of the competitors.  I had to make a decision...which group would I belong to: the 70% or the 30%.  I had 2 days to learn what normally takes months.  Even after taking 2 DU clinics I realized I had only made the “decision” to learn DUs but not the “commitment”.  I was angrier at myself than at Dave Castro.  I needed a strategy and I needed it fast.  So I decided to practice and to listen to everyone's advice.  I shut up...stopped complaining and just listened.  I loved how everyone had something to   show me...Whitney...Howard...Eric...Chrisann...Aaron.  I just listened.  To my disappointment I got "0" pts the first time around but I quickly developed another strategy...keep trying until you get at least one. And the next day I went back to the gym for another turn.  I achieved it on my second try - but I was willing to keep going until I got it.

Then 14.2 came with Chest-to-Bar.  Unfortunately I don't have a great story to tell here but I do have a powerful lesson.  CrossFit is about being your best.  We do this by practicing. There are some basic movements that single us out from other gyms...i.e. double unders, pull ups, burpees.  If I'm going to wear a Crossfit t-shirt (and I do so proudly) I need to learn these basic skills.  I've committed to learning them...practicing them and most importantly...shutting up and stop complaining.

I may not be in the opens that much longer...but I'm a better Crossfitter because of it. So f**K the person who was happy to see 70% of us go...looks like we are here and we’ll be stronger next year!

6. Any competitions coming up in the future?  Nope…but I’m searching for one!

7. Name 1 Short Term CF/Fitness goal: I want to go back to the basics! I was watching someone do wall balls the other day and realized there are some fundamentals that have to be mastered in order to be really good at the more complicated movements.  I think for a while I saw Onramp movements as the basics and once I did those, I could move on but that is so not true.  So for the next few weeks/months I'm looking to go back to the basics and really learn them.  Wall balls...push ups...ring jumps…even rowing so I can break my plateau.

8. Name 1 LONG term CF/Fitness goal: I have many long term goals.  I plan to focus on getting my first ever pull up.  I'm going to spend the next 6 months working on my upper body strength so I can perform that first strict pull up by December. I want to do an RX Fran! In November I will be running my first ever half marathon with my sister in Orlando! In September I will be doing Warrior Dash (I hope to get a team together, hint, hint). I think I'll have a very busy summer!

9. Brag time! Tell us about an accomplishment! I've had tons of them.  I think the most important one is that I'm still here.  I have never played sports.  I remember as a young girl in gym class no one ever picked me on their team because I wasn't good at anything.  I have 3 other siblings and they were very competitive so I stayed away from competition. I found all sports boring – I’m definitely a girly girl.  Many of the things I do at CrossFit I am doing for the first time.  Basic things like doing 20 unbroken push ups bring tears to my eyes because I've never done push-ups.  I've never held anything over my anything involving that movement makes me emotional.

Recently, my friend came over with her 3 year old daughter. As she's running toward me I squat down and reach for her.  In a quick moment I pick her up (arms locked out) and spin her around (much like a thruster) – it’s the first time I've ever done that with a toddler.  She giggled so loudly- it was beautiful.  My boyfriend watched me with a smile on his face...he knew that was a real moment of joy for me.  Later on he told me it looked like she was way to light for me and that at one point she was going to fly away...I smiled back and said..."she felt very light...and I felt very strong".  I can't wait until my newborn nephew becomes a toddler...I’m going to pick him up all the time!!!

10. FUN FACT about YOU!  While I like a quiet home and a quiet office…I love love love to sing LOUDLY while driving!  All time favorite sing-a-long song……………..Like a Prayer (by Madonna).

Rajini and Cynthia...faithful 5:30ers!

Cynthia using a 20 inch box for the first time!


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