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Congratulations to Howard for being named CFNH Athlete of the Month! He is always happy to be at the gym and has been improving NON stop!

Name: Howard Sellers
Member Since: April 2013

1. How did you hear about CFNH?
I'd just joined a globo gym and was on the way back from the Nike outlet, because I needed new gear to go along with my new membership. I saw the huge crossfit decal off of the highway and decided to stop in and watch. I just imagined that all crossfitters looked like Rich Froning. When I saw that there was just regular people working out, I was sold.  
2. You've gotta have some athletic Background - what's sports did you play growing up? HS? College?
I played 3 years of varsity football and basketball, 1 year of varsity baseball and 2 years of track. I was planning on playing football at The University of Iowa, but I broke my hip senior year and had to give up sports.
3. Since starting, what are some accomplishments you've had IN the gym?
Since I started at CFNH I've lost 95lbs. I also beat coach Dags in an endurance workout recently which was pretty satisfying.  
4. Since starting, what are some accomplishments you've had OUTSIDE the gym?
Getting up the four flights of stairs that lead to my office, without going into cardiac arrest.
5. You claim to not be a competitive person, but you did work at the CFNH throw down! Any CF competitions in your future?
The throwdown was soooo fun. Isn't there some Crossfit competition coming up really soon or something?  THE OPENS! 
6. What are some long term Fitness goals you have?
7:00 minute mile, 50 inch box jump, and being able to take off my shirt during a workout for absolutely no reason at all.
7. What are some short term fitness goals?
a Hand stand push up would be nice.
8. Paleo...still on that wagon!?
NOPE!!! I stick with Paleo most of the day, but around workouts I eat tons of carbs for replenishment.
9. All the ladies wanna you have a Valentine!?!
There's someone that I'm hoping will take the gig.  wink
10. If you could compete in an Olympic Weightlifting meet...what lift would you do and why!?
Definitely the Clean and Jerk. Why? because my snatch is a horror show. 
11. FUN FACT! What music do You have playing when you wear your headphones!?!
Pre-workout - Classic rock, mostly The Beatles lately

During workout- Jay-z or Biggie

Post workout - Bob Marley


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