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Athlete of the Month for March 2013: Annette Avallone!

in Athlete Of The Month by Coach Carla

Thanks to all the "get the news out now" posts, we've had to delay this month's Athlete of the Month, but it's finally time! And who is it this month?

That's right, Frank - it's Annette

Annette is one of the vets at CFNH and, like most Athletes of the Month, her first reaction was incredulity. All of our AotM's are such a humble bunch! Like most of her previous AotM's, the next words out of her mouth were "you'd better not pick any embarassing pictures of me!"

As if I would ever... I'm hurt.

  • So, what brought you to CrossFit New Haven?
    I was always one who tried to keep fit by going to my local gym. I love to try new fitness trends like spinning, stepping and yes, even weights! CrossFit seemed like a new challenge in my quest to keep fit. I went to the friends and family day with Kristine Conlon, and I knew when I walked out that it was workout that I was going to really love. It wasn’t easy to accept the idea that I could fit an entire workout into one hour. I was always thinking, “would that one class be enough?” Boy, now I know it is!
  • How long have you been CrossFitting?
    I began in June 2010, the first year CrossFit New Haven opened. Amanda (my love) was there every day to teach us newbies – there was no on-ramp class at the time. That poor girl…. Amanda kept me coming back and challenging me, encouraging me to “Rx” my workouts. “put more weight on the bar Annette”

    Back in the old days, working on the choreography

  • What do you do out there in the real world?
    I am a registered nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital in the cardiac intensive care unit.

    Where you can REALLY find Annette when she's not at CFNH

  • Are you Paleo? If so, when in your Crossfitting did you start to switch?
    No – I know it sounds wimpy but I don’t even try. I don’t think I can even do it!!!I eat healthy 90 percent of the time.

    If you know Annette, you know the mittens.

  • Do you have a favorite lift? Power or Olympic?
    If I had to pick a lift I guess I would say the power cleans since I am getting better at them and have been able to increase my weight.

  • Your favorite WOD?
    I enjoy any WOD that has me going from wall balls to box jumps to pull ups. I guess I would have to say the filthy fifty. And of course my favorite workout WOD of the week is partner Sundays with Frank and the weekend gang.

  • Favorite Song to do the WOD?
    I can’t say I have a favorite song. But I like anything from the 80s rock or funk.. and sorry boys maybe a little Pink or Lady Gaga to get a girl moving, and there are times that I don’t even hear it.
  • Any changes to brag about?
    I think CF has made me a stronger person. I make it a priority to go, I hate it if I miss a good workout, and I have to say that feeling good when I put on my clothes is a positive in my life.

    Trying to do pull-ups incognito

  • You've just dropped a 45 lb. bumper on your foot and you're surrounded by first-graders. What's the first word out of your mouth?
    Sh*t. It could be worse!!
  • What are your current goals?
    I want to keep increasing my endurance and building up my weights. I want to get back into running and I signed up for the Tough Mudder in June. And of course (how can I forget) getting my darn double-unders.

  • Anything else to add?
    I love CrossFit New Haven and I love all of the coaches, thank you, you are awesome and you motivate me in every class. To all of the athletes I have I met, I have made new amazing friends and I have built relationships that will last a lifetime. I have never been to another CrossFit, but I love the team at this location and the group of individuals that support each other and deliver amazing results. Thank you !!

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