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Athlete of the Month for April 2013: Sean Cady!

in Athlete Of The Month by Coach Carla

Once again, we're a liiiitle bit late with our Athlete of the Month, but that just gives Annette a little more time in the spotlight. But now we're well into April and it's time to mention the new Athlete of the Month: Sean Cady!

Sean is one of those guys who seems to have "I'm a nice guy" permanently stamped on his body. Not through ink or some other kind of body modification, but from his soul. Sean is a nice guy, right down to the soles of his goofy-ass Vibrams. But there's a secret deep inside Sean. A deep dark evil secret, lurking down there where no one can see. At least no one who hasn't seen his workout journal. One day after class I saw a spiral lying open on one of the benches. After seeing what was written there, I had to check the name and found it to be Sean's (otherwise this would be kind of a pointless ramble). What did I see that sent chills down my spine?

Read the WOD, then look at that top line again. He actually put a smiley face next to this workout. There is something seriously broken inside this young man.

Despite this inner demon, Sean is a great guy. Always willing to help people out, always listening to instructions and always, well, being a super nice guy. It's been a great almost-year watching him grow as an athlete, and I can't wait to see him get even better and stronger in the future.

  • So, what brought you to CrossFit New Haven?
    When I lived in New Haven with four of my Fraternity Brothers (it was awesome), two of them started CrossFit. Kris did CFNH and Brian did Crossfit Stamford. They showed some amazing gains and improvements in their day to day life. I figured it was worth a try, plus then I would be able to join in their conversations because they never stop talking about it. I think many of us can relate to that.
  • How long have you been CrossFitting?
    My first day of on ramp was June 30, 2012 with SqWatts. So coming up on 10 months.

    Eeek! MOUSE!

  • What do you do out there in the real world?
    I am a web developer and project manager for General Electric over in Shelton. I design and build internal web applications. Some off you may have spotted me wearing my JQuery shirt at the gym.
  • Are you Paleo? If so, when in your Crossfitting did you start to switch?
    I started going Paleo hardcore for the 2 months after on ramp, since I lived with crossfitters it was pretty easy. But once I moved in with my fiancée that became a lot harder. My main focus these days is to stay away from wheat and bread. I eat a lot of salads with meat.

    Sean, showing off the kind of ice a webdev can afford.

  • Do you have a favorite lift? Power or Olympic?
    My favorite lift is the power clean, because during the Winter Throwdown I got up to 190 lbs, which was a 35 pound PR, and it felt amazing. When you get the full extension right it always amazes me how light even that 1RM can feel.

    Sean cleans up real nice.

  • Your favorite WOD?
    Anything with a 800m run because I always seem to make up time there. Just wait until I ditch the Vibrams, then I will really make up time on runs, at least I hope.
  • Favorite Song to do the WOD?
    I would love to listen to some Lindsey Stirling during a WOD. Anything with a heavy beat (Dub Step, Rap, Club Music) works well for me. However, I think I would also love some Disney and show tune soundtracks as well. Something like "I'll Make a Man out of You" from Mulan, followed by "Go the Distance" from Hercules, throw in some "Defying Gravity" from Wicked, and then drop some "Illmerica" by Wolfgang Gartner to get you over the finish line. If it is a really long workout throw in "Promises" by Nero and some "Party Up (Up in Here)" by DMX.
  • Any changes to brag about?
    When I started a 35 pound kettlebell was hard to get 20 reps and tore the crap out of my hands. Now I can rip out 20 unbroken with 55 no problem. Next step 70 grin Another good one is my first 1RM dead lift was 225 with so-so form, now I'm at 315 with good form.

    Pictured: Not 315, but still great form.

  • You've just dropped a 45 lb. bumper on your foot and you're surrounded by first-graders. What's the first word out of your mouth?
    Nothing at first, I will just stare at my foot wondering why I would do such a stupid thing, then once the pain hits, release a string of undecipherable obscenities. At least this was what happened with the 10 lb metal plate. hmmm
  • What are your current goals?
    I really want to hit 135 for the snatch. After 13.1 I felt I let myself down, not getting the 135. I also want to focus on my overhead movements, they are my biggest weakness right now.

    Showing his snatch to the world. Wait - I had something for this! Something something Paris Hilton.

  • Anything else to add?
    Becoming part CFNH is one of the best choices I have made. To me it is more than just getting fit and pushing my limits farther. The people I have met here are awesome. It is always a blast hanging out with them both in and outside the gym.

    Discussing the proper Captain Morgan pose with Jon.

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